Top reasons you should consider studying Information Technology in 2019

We are in that time of the year again when prospective college students scratch their heads trying to figure out the right carrier choices for themselves which in turn determines the degree programs, diplomas or courses they will pursue in 2019. Here are the top reasons you should consider studying information technology related courses, diplomas or degrees in 2019. Could be computer science, information systems or information technology.

Top reasons you should consider studying Information Technology in 2019

We are in that time of the year again when prospective college students scratch their heads trying to figure out the right carrier choices for themselves which in turn determines the degree programs, diplomas or courses they will pursue in 2019. There are a number of IT related degree programmes offered by the major Universities in Zimbabwe. Most of these are quiet related and students who study any of these will have almost similar skills. Here are the top IT degrees in Zimbabwe and reasons you should consider studying information technology related courses, diplomas or degrees in 2019. 

Information Technology related degrees offered by universities in Zimbabwe

Information Systems- Four year degree offered by Midlands State University. Major Courses are introduction to Computers and Computer Applications    , Fundamentals of Computer Architecture, Communication in Business,Fundamental of Economics,    Fundamentals of Accounting, Communication Skills, Introduction to Programming, Systems Analysis and Design, Financial Mathematics and Statistics, Business Law, Fundamentals of Marketing, Fundamentals of Accounting, Introduction to Management Information Systems, Fundamentals of Accounting, Operating Systems, Simulation and Modeling, Models of Databases & Database Design, Advanced Programming, Gender Studies,Costing Accounting, Fundamentals of Software Engineering , Data Communications and Networks, Internet, Object Oriented, Artificial Intelligence , Decision Support Systems,  Management Information Systems, Advanced , Software Project Management, Computer Security,Object Oriented Programming , Computer Graphics, Advanced Data Communications and Networks.

Business studies and computing science degree- 5 year degree by the university of Zimbabwe. Major courses are Business , Financial Accounting for Business, Fundamental Mathematical Structures, Programming , Communication Skills for Commerce , Principles of Microeconomics, Business , Financial Accounting for Business, Communication Skills for Commerce , Discrete Mathematics, Data Structures and Algorithms, Logic Design and Switching Circuits, Principles of Macroeconomics, Internet Programming, Software Engineering, Microcontrollers, Microprocessors and Interfacing, Programming, Database Concepts, Automata, Languages and Discrete Mathematics, Practical Project  Management, Principles of Marketing 1, Corporate Finance 1, Management 2, Principles of Marketing 2, Corporate Finance 2, Communication Skills for Commerce 2, Introductio to Data Communication, Research Methods, Computer Organization & Architecture, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Operating Systems, Strategic Management 1, Advanced Corporate Finance,Treasury Management, Strategic Management 2, Management of Financial Institutions, International Finance, Programming Languages, Data Communication and Networks.

Information technology deegree- Offered by Chinhoyi University of Technology. Courses offered are very similar to those of computer science below except for microprocessors and depth of study.

Computer Science Degree-Offered by MSU, UZ and Great Zimbabwe university. Major courses include Introduction to Computers and Computer Applications, Introduction to programming, Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, Introduction to Zimbabwean Cultures and Heritage, Mathematical Discourse and Structures,  Digital logic Design, Visual Programming, Linear Mathematics I, Probability Theory I, Electricity and Magnetism, Communication Skills, African Philosophy and Thought,  Systems Analysis and Design,  Data Communication and , Database Models and Design, Computer Security, Information Systems, Applied Statistics, Internet and Web Designing, Data Structures and Algorithms,  Simulation and Modelling, Entrepreneurship, Mini Research Project, Digital Electronics,  Software Engineering, Object Oriented Programming II, Computer Graphics, Software Project Management,  Advanced , Digital Signal Processing, Decision Support Systems, Intellectual Property Rights, Artificial Intelligence,  Advanced Data Communication and Computer Networks,  Management Information , Microprocessors and Embedded Systems, Mobile Application Development and ICT for Development.


Majors reasons you should consider to study Information technology related degrees


IT is practical

The first advantage is that IT related degrees and courses are most practical. It naturally brings a lot of satisfaction when you hear, see and experience what you are learning. It motivates and invokes interest to learn hence the desire to want more learning in that area. There is also a sense of satisfaction when you can actually start a project and come up with something you can show your friends and perhaps everyone, using the things you have learnt. If you are someone who enjoy practical staff and experimenting, then IT can be for you.

Wide variety of career choices

I am not going to exhaust the full list of possible career choices, but from the courses given in various technology related degrees above, you can see that there is a wide variety of career choices available. These includes but not limited to software engineering, systems analyst, technical consultant, programmer (web developer, game programmer), Design, Nework Administrator, Database specialist, surely the list is endless. So people who do technology related degrees are not confined to limited career choices but to many. Now if you are not sure what exactly you want to be from the available career choices, you can start the programme now and then draw an unbiased judgement as you go through the courses during your learning years.


World Less Comfortable for non IT people

This could sound unfair but it is very true, the job market is becoming very unfair for compleletey non IT people. You can be a teacher, but they still want you to have at least some basic computer skills. You can be an account byut it requires you to have skills on those accounting software, you can be more effective with basic networking skills as well. Now you see, there is some technology in almost everything these days. For your requirement you may not need a degree, but perhaps a course will suffice. 


More IT jobs in the future

With the world going digital in almost everything, there is a sure promise that there will be more and more IT related jobs in the future. That means IT skills and proffession is not going to be phased out any time soon. Technology is spreading into other areas; into agriculture, medicine , entertainment, arts and even your home and in your car. Now you have the flexibity to do IT related degree and work in the industries given above, the future promises that. For example, suppose you like being in the national army. You can do your IT and work in the army. This is the beauty of IT.


Problem Solving brings satifaction

Have you ever felt how it feels to solve someone's problems even in return for nothing. It feels great, it satisfies, it brings joy. IT presents opportunities to solve problems. Problem solvers are what the world demands. If you like bringing solutions to people's problems, then IT could be for you. Great entrepreneurs are problem solvers, that means IT can give you entrepreneurial skills and opportunities.

Money through good salaries & investment Opportunities

Sure, we work because we want some money in most cases and we want lots of it. Information Technology presents opportunities for the greatest paid careers as well as the greatest paying investments. The world's billionaires are Technocrats. The world's multibillionaire companies are technology companies like google, facebook, alibaba and amazon to name a few. Of course econet has a common success story in Zimbabwe.

Keeps your mind active. Stay informed through research

It keeps your mind fresh through research and solutions seeking.

Information is power

They say information is power, some say it is wealth , some say it is beautiful. The powerful control the world. So if you want to control the world go IT.


Always in demand

Old technologies may be phased out but new technologies continue coming, all you have to do is continue upgrading yourself to stay valid


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