ZIMSAKE elearning platform finally launched and some resources uploaded!

ZIMSAKE elearning platform finally launched and some resources uploaded!

A new elearning platform, ZIMSAKE operating from the website https://www.zimsake.co.zw has been launched. The platform is basically narrowing the elearning gape that long existed in Zimbabwe especially for ZIMSEC resources by giving students elearning resources in the form of downloadable books, notes, typical exam questions and question and answer booklets from various authors of ZIMSEC curriculum orientation. In addition to these resources, the platform also allows students the opportunity take practice exams online and these are marked instantly.

Last week, I wrote an article notifying the public of the scheduled launch of this new elearning platform and I shared a few things on the services they had to expect from the ZIMSAKE elearning website. After testing the platform here are the details of how the platform operates:

The ZIMSAKE elearning platform is a reource and practice center for students preparing to write ZIMSEC grade 7 exams, ZIMSEC O level exams and ZIMSEC A level exams.  For grade 7 resources, the platform covers content for grade 6s and 7s. For O Level, the resources provided are for the form 3s and 4s. A level resources are for both form 5 and 6. So the platform basically provides elearning resources in the form of pdf, powerpoint, word, video and audio fomart as well as practise exam questions. The resources are provided free of charge although some premium books can be sold. The platform is also free to register. Note that some resources can only be accessed by registered users. Parents can register on behalf of their students and from their parent account, they can manage and monitor their children's progress.

Although the resources are free, some can only be accessed by registered users only and this applies to both practise exams and elearning materials. A few resources have been uploaded so far but enough to give you a feel of the platform experience. I look forward forward to more feature on this new elearning platform.

The ZIMSAKE platform also gives resources for those wishing to learn languages such as French and Swahili. With more resources this can change the elearning world for better in Zimbabwe.


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