Zimsake E-Solutions launches Zimsake eLibrary website ... a digital resource platform

Zimsake E-Learning Solutions has introduced the Zimsake eLibrary, which is an online library platform giving various primary and secondary school educational new curriculum books meant to help Zimbabwe's schools and educational. 

Zimsake E-Solutions launches Zimsake eLibrary website ... a digital resource platform

The introduction of the E-Library platform is a positive and welcome move as it gives  convenience to learners and students who have been negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic which ravaged nations worldwide from 2020 to 2021.

Schools have been closed for quite a while and the launch of the online reading elibrary can enable learners to continue learning comfortably from their homes, making them to still achieve good grades even when they are not physically at school. When school schools finally open, the platform can still be used as a convenient and affordable way to access books and other resources.

Zimsake Elibrary plans to join forces with more zimbabwe's and international books publishers in order to offer a wide scope of books, including ZIMSEC new curriculum approved educational books and revision reading material.

The platform is also generally meant to showcase textbooks books approved by different curriculums such as zimsec and cambridge and directing schools, parents and students to the right book publishers and bookshops where they can buy affordable original books in hardcopy.

The Zimsake digital resource platform is powered by a subscription model that allows users to choose packages, i.e daily, weekly, monthly, termly and per year. This makes the whole processes easier as students and other users will then be able to choose a package that fits both their short term and long term learning needs.

To start accessing resources on Zimsake eLibrary you only need to create a free account at https://zimsake.co.zw/elibrary