Zimbabwean blogs to add to your reading list in 2019

Zimbabwean blogs to add to your reading list in 2019

For the past years, blogging has been a mystery in Zimbabwe and as a result very few blogs could be seen online. The bloggers were few and in many cases it was very despised to say "I am a blogger". But now many Zimbabweans understand and see the value of blogs as resource centers and information sharing platforms. There are a number of Zimbabwean blogs now whose voices and contribution managed to add value to the online community. Here are the blogs to add to your reading list in 2019.

Before I begin with the list, I am sure that you also find this blog to be a must add to your list, since the past year we have heard many testimonies of how this blog has positively inspired readers.I have left some great websites as well, that I feel are corporate and probably many people already have these on their list. The list below is not in any order, whatsoever.

creativeloop.co.zw- This is an arts and culture blog by Maston Mbewe who usually flourish the website with Arts and Culture related news, reviews, articles and staff. If you are into arts then this blog is a must have on the list. The website also shares local opportunities to local artists and actors.

www.3-mob.com- Three Men On a Boat is a lifestyle and opinion blogs which sometimes shares important news as well. The blog basically comment on lifestyle issues to do with people, culture, social media and many other areas, while at the same time expressing some opinions thereoff. I think the opinion are unbiased and mind openning that is why, I chose to include this blog on this must have list

technomag.co.zw- Technomag is a technology blog that features Zimbabwean tech related trends and top stories. The founder and editor of the blog is a renowned blogger who has technology at his fingertips. Before launching technomag, Toneo, was a columnist with The Herald under technology (May be he still is). So if you want acurate technology trends and news, then technomag is quick to deliver blog. I personally check it out from time to time and I like it.

techzim.co.zw- Techzim is another technology blog that is doing a great job in Zimbabwe and perhaps regionally. We cannot talk about technology blogging and fail to mention this award winning blog in Zimbabwe. Just like technomag, techzim gives technonolgy trends, news and insights touching issues around Zimbabwe and regionally. I have been following this blog since my days at college. The blog was founded by Limbikan S. Makani and it has since gone corporate.

eyetrodigital.com- This Technology blog was founded by Emmanuel Chiraerae in 2017. The blog is fast drawing attention and it centers mainly on technology trends and news. This blog also shares technology analysis, reviews and opinion. There is still work in the production of proper technology analysis content in Zimbabwe, Eyetrodigital offers exactly that and that is why I think the blog deserves being on this list.

kubatana.net- Kubatana is a community based blog. Its stories, articles and news centers on the community by the community. The blog provides support to community and perhaps to NGOs touching civic and human rights issues online and offline. 

careerinsider.co.zw-This is a job market and career development blog. So for one who is a fan of career developments, this blog provides excellent information around that. Who is not interested in career development anyway? So you really may need to consider adding this blog to your reading list this year.

fungaineni.net-  Fungaineni is a blog which took its name from the name of its founder and author Fungai Machirori. The founder is a renowned author, a defender of gender equality and an inspiration to women around the blogsphere. She founded HerZimbabwe blog which at one time grew to be a voice of women in Zimbabwe, but was sadly marred by control issues which led to its closure in 2018. On the blog (fungaineni.net), Fungai shares her own public thoughts, opionions, experiences and commentary. The blog was online since 2009.

techunzipped.com-  Techunzipped is an online technology news hub primarily focusing on issues around information technology. The blog was founded by Pardon Gatsi who is the editor on the blog. I decided to include this blog because it has an approach defferent from other technology blogs, in addition to local technology content, it also shares internation trends around technology which I think are so important to many local readers.


Thank you for reading through the list. Please feel free to make suggestions that we can consider to add on this list by commenting or sending us a message. Please Subscribe!