Zimbabwe internet shutdown has given Telegram a notable mileage locally

Zimbabwe internet shutdown has given Telegram a notable mileage locally

In their quest for connection, communication and social entertainment in a period internet and social media was blocked in Zimbabwe, many employed VPN software, while others moved over to telegram, a social media platform which has similar features to whatsapp. Will those who moved to telegram during the internet and social media shutdown stay or they will move back to whatsapp? Telegram has a number of good features, that make it a better app than whatsapp in terms of user experience. Here is why I think, a notable number will chose to use Telegram over whatsapp.

Private Chats

Telegram allows users to sent private messages with a self destruct feature once read. One can also disable coping and pasting the sent message. This comes very hand when dealing with issues where privacy is an issue. Whatsapp tried to bring a similar feature which allows users to delete message for both users in not more than 7 minutes. But I personally feel that, Telegram's feature works better for this job.

Better Security

Unlike whatsapp, Telegram has end to end encryption, that means your information belongs to you. It does not keep your personal information on its servers for advertisement or any form of tracking. Being owned by Facebook, I foresee a time whatsapp will heavily monetise its platform to redeem billions invested, giving you ads according to your using pattern.

Higher Group Limit

Again, Telegram has a higher membership limit for groups. With Whatsapp, a group can have a maximum of 256 members, but Telegram groups support up to 10 000 members. This is awesome and users have the ability to mute messages for individual members, so you are not bothered by notifications. In this digital world, where online marketing is the new big thing, more group members means more reach of marketing compaigns.

Telegram Bots

Telegram also allow users to use telegram bots, these are like third party applications that you can integrate with Telegram to enhance its features. This is so unique and powerful, whatsapp does not have such a feature at all. So you can install a payment bot and many more others.

Bigger File Size

We know that the maximum file size that one can sent through whatsapp is 16MB, but Telegram gives more. With Telegram you can send up to 1.5GB sized files. That's a whole lot. So Telegram here is the master in file sharing, many times you want to sent a zipped file with a bigger size which you cannot do with either your email or whatsapp. You can even sent a movie or movies!

Ability To Edit Messages

Have you ever sent a message and then noticed a typographical mistake when the message has already been delivered? Well, I have. Telegram allows the users to edit an already delivered mesaage without having to copy and paste the message again, a common method with whatsapp. This is genius. The editing message will however have an edited caption.

So amongst many other features, these are some of the most notable features of Telegram and you can see that in terms of features, Telegram wins the God Medal. However, whatsapp still dominates because of its large user base. Of late though many people are moving over to Telegram, when I did, I noticed a lot of my contacts are already on Telegram and who knows, maybe all of your friends are already on Telegram too. With its great features, those who moved to Telegram before, during and after the internet shutdown down in Zimbabwe would not want to go back to whatsapp. Perhaps they will use both.


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