Youtube Dislike Mobs to be dealt with using new platform features

Youtube Dislike Mobs to be dealt with using new platform features

Many people who are also referred to as dislike mobs, deliberately down votes or dislike videos on YouTube  without even judging the videos or content according to the subject that it relates to. This is done to discredit the video owner or brand involved.  YouTube discovered that dislike mobs are weaponizing the feature, using the button to unnecessarily bomb a video. Tom Leung, who is YouTube's project management director said that several options are being discussed, including the removal of the ‘thumbs down’ button.

Most of the options that Leung said YouTube may employ to deal with these dislike button abusing angry mobs, seem to be experimental options. The following are some of the options that Leung talked about:

Completely Removing / Disabling the dislike button

Leung said YouTube may completely remove or disable the dislike button. That means people will be able to air their displeasure only by commenting just like on Facebook. And those who will be looking for content on YouTube will have to judge content quality based on comments and perhaps number of viewers. The problem that this poses, is that YouTube is not able to accurately read the number of negative and positive comments that a video has recieved. So one would have to go through the comments, one after the other. Judging content by the number of views recieved also have a dark side in that, views do not necessarily tell the truth when it comes to content quality. A video of great content quality , may have fewer views while a video of low quality content may also have a lot of views. So removing the dislike button may make it more difficult to judge on content quality even for marketers.

Introducing a checkbox or feedback text box

This is another possible measure that YouTube may introduce. This feedback text box works by accompanying the dislike button such that when one clicks the dislike button, It only get recorded after the person explains in the text box the reasons for the negative rating. I personally see this as a better alternative, believe me, those who down rate for the sake of it usually won't take time to think of any reason, so possibly, this will make the angry mobs to stop.

Disabling feedback counts by fefault

This involves removing the feature that displays the number of negative feedback and the number of positive likes. Well, this does not sound like a good idea to me as it makes it harder for video reviewers. Consequently a video is prone to recieving very few recommedations to others hence decline in viewership. What is the purpose of having the like and dislike buttons anyway if statistics are not displayed?

Reviewers to watch before rating

This is a suggestion from YouTube channel creators. Youtube may introduce a feature that makes sure that viewers won't rate a videos that they did not watch whether positively or negatively. Surely, there are people who just like or disliking what thy do not know at all. So by making sure that at least one has to watch 25% or 50% of the video before up voting or down voting, a genuine vote can be achieved. This sounds like the best solution.

Let me conclude by emphasizing that removing the dislike or down voting button completely is not a good idea at all for YouTube as that endorses unsuitable content and content creators who may cause more harm than good to the YouTube and social community at large.


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