Wise Owl School hosts a progressive career and guidance day.

Wise Owl School hosts a progressive career and guidance day.

Back in the days parents used to thrust their career preferences to their children, now with globalization of our learning system and the ever evolving job markets the ball game has changed. New career opportunities have been brought about by the digitalization of the work places and the encroaching of new kids on the block like the Crypto-currency crazy that has hit town. Learners now need to be exposed to these trending job market place phenomenons.

With this in mind the authorities at Wise Owl arranged a Career Guidance Day for their high school learners. It was a bee-hive setup as learners moved from one stall to another in search of a career path or to gather more information on a career path they had long dreamt of. There was a plethora of presenters marketing their products and career services. These ranged from universities through to hospitals, internet service providers, child care services, banking and international scholarship service providers.

In addition to the individual stalls dotted around the Culture Centre environs there was also a grand presentation in the dining hall which had been turned to an auditorium. The setup allowed for a appositive interface as it gave the learners to ask questions which were promptly responded to. There were also other prominent people and motivators presenting in the auditorium. The choice of one’s career path was made bare and it was the onus of the learners to do their cherry pick and to then devote their energies to attain their dream careers. Some learners had to confess after the presentations, that they now see more clearer on the what entails their career choice.

The following are the organisations that responded to the call of pitching their products and services to Wise Owl students:

Chinhoyi University Of Technology

Though the university offers an array of programs in both conventional and block release formats, the thrust of their presentation was on the School Of Hospitality and Tourism: Integrated Teaching and Learning. This department of the university prides itself in creating entrepreneurs through their entrepreneurship Incubation Centre. They boast of highly qualified staff, hands on teaching, research excellence and strategic business units of a 2-star winning facility in their CUT Hotel and conference facility. The hospitality school also runs hospitality and confectionary including a drive through fast food outlet. Their presence is felt in the community through their community engagement as they take part in community consultancy work. Learners were left with a multi-choice of career opportunities and fields of study. Cut was fronted by Mr Mirimi Kumbirai
Wesite: www.cut.ac.zw

Kushinga Phikelela Polytechnic

Running on the theme: Creating an Innovative and STEMitised Technopreneur for economic Development, they presented a lot of programs they offer to make good their theme. The college is made up of ten departments all in a quest to empower the populace. Their mode of study include, full time, part time, block release, online distance learning and customized learning programmes. Each department clearly spells out the various entry requirements for each program. Kushinga Phikelela has a state of the art library comprising of 47 computers, 23 823 books/publications, 4-Terabyte E-granary Database, library Wi-Fi, book binding services, printing and scanning services. For those on the technical side of things this was their port of call. The team from the polytechnic comprised of Mr Mumanyi (Functions , Event and Marketing), Mr Katema and Mr Kwangwa both Marketers.
Website: www.kpp.ac.zw


This technology and communication entity, though it offers a number of services that can avail a lot of career opportunities for the students, they were raising the 1 MONEY/1Mari flag high. The product they were running was of limited interest to the learners as they were just promoting their mobile money platform. OneMoney is defined as a mobile payments solution service provided by NetOne to its subscribers. OneMoney provides a service ecosystem that entails the exchange of money between individuals (peer to peer), businesses (business to business), individuals paying businesses (consumer to business), and businesses paying individuals (business to individual). This service offering provided by OneMoney makes it possible for individuals and businesses to transact in a secure, cashless, and seamless manner. On a broader perspective, Netone as an entity avails much career prospects in the Information and Communication sector.

Dzidzai Edu

Dzidzai Edu is an organisation that helps prospective students who are destined for Deutschland (Germany) for their university studies. This fitted perfectly well with the career guidance day as more students are now eyeing Europe for their studies. The emphasis from the presenter Mr Tsapayi was that they do not offer scholarships but they assist with Germany Universities/Colleges placements their team is made up of former students from Germany who have vast experiences in the Deutschland Universities and colleges. They help from availing a database of Germany Universities, application procedures, Visa application, airport pick up and the general entry requirements to diverse universities. One thing that stood out from this organisation is that most foundation colleges and Universities are tuition-free.


CitiMed Hospital

Citimed , which is based in Chitungwiza was out to sell career opportunities in the health institution. There is a wide array of medical career that can be absorbed by the institution, the six main ones are: Casualty, Admissions, Dental, Pharmacy, Radiology and Laboratory. These have also various downstream careers on each, which can all feed into these: General Surgeons, Anaesthetists, Physicians, Paediatricians, Orthopaed, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Maxilo Facial, Casualty Officers, Cardio-Theracic, Dentist, Paediatric Surgeons, Otolaryngologist, Urology, Opthamology, Neurosurgeon etc

Other Institutions which participated in the expo are:

Childline Zimbabwe

Childline Zimbabwe is a child rights, not-for-profit, registered Private Voluntary Organisation (PVO 7/2001). Children (0-18years), access services in Zimbabwe regardless of religious background, socio-economic circumstances or geographic location. Childline employs a rights-based approach throughout its activities addressing sexual and gender-based violence, sexual and reproductive health issues given the nature of child abuse and its prevalence in Zimbabwe. It seeks to provide children, families and those involved with children, preventative, educational, therapeutic and rehabilitation services in addition to research and advocacy.


Formerly Agricultural Finance Corporation, which in turn was a transformation of the Land Bank which had been established in 1925. The institution was converted to a commercial bank in 1999. The bank was again transformed into an agricultural development bank in 2003, earmarked to provide finance to farmers in line with the government's land reorganization strategy.

Ownership: 100% owned by the Government of Zimbabwe. They offer various career prospects in the financial services industry.

Marondera University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology

On offer are the following study programs:

Degree Programs:Animal Science

Undergraduate Programmes: Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Livestock Production and Value Addition, Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Livestock Science and Applied Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology

Crop Science:

Undergraduate Programmes: Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Agronomy, Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Horticulture, Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Plant Breeding and Biotechnology, Soil Sciences And Environmental Sciences, Bachelor of Science, Honours Degree in Sustainable Land Use and Soil Science, Bachelor of Science Honours, Degree in Environmental Protection and Management, Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Environmental Technology and Design, Agricultural Economics and Business Management, Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Agribusiness Management, Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Agricultural and Rural Development

Compiled by: Dhihwa.I

Pictures by: Nyamandi. T