Will ZIMSEC adopt electronic and online results checking technology in 2019?

Will ZIMSEC adopt electronic and online results checking technology in 2019?

Time and again the Zimbabwe National Examination council (ZIMSEC) has proved beyond reasonable doubt to be too reluctant to work abreast with technology to easy their work while providing convenience to teachers, students and other stakeholders. 


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Many Examination Boards such as Cambridge, Independent Examination Board (South Africa) and KNEC (Kenya) have started to make use of technology in their day to day operations and in administering examinations but Zimbabwe's ZIMSEC remain stiff necked. Some of the operations that these other boards have taken online for convenience include the following:

Teacher Support Portals- These portals are meant to support the teacher to administer the course with tips which help to fully equip the teacher for the job. The teacher support portal also provide teachers with special announcements, it can be adjustments to the course/subject hence the teacher is always well informed. Of most importance the teacher support portal has subject resources that can aid in delivering the lessons/lectures.

Student Support Portals-These are meant to give support to the student. Some portals allow students to check for results and also to benefit from a library of past exam papers.

Support for News Schools- Some Examinations Boards also offers online support for news schools. Surely I can exhaust the list of services these boards are offering online!

ZIMSEC is barely offering any of these services on their website. Right now both the form 4s and Upper 6s are done with examinations and are eagerly waiting for the results. Meanwhile some have travelled to overseas to get fresh air while waiting for the results. Will ZIMSEC adopt electronic and online results checking technology in 2019? Without a working online result checking platform/portal there will never be convenience. It does not make any sense for someone to embark on a journey from Britain to Zimbabwe just to check for the results. It still does not make any sense for one to go to Chinhoyi from Mutare to check for results in this techno age.

Others are doing it, why not ZIMSEC? I remember when I was still at college, I did not have to travel from Marondera to Chinhoyi to check for results. All I had to do was to go on our CUT website, enter my student details and that was all it took. In Kenya, KNEC used an online portal to allow candidates to check for their KCPE resultsYear by Year Cambridge Schools in Zimbabwe get their results online without having to go to the British Council offices.

I sincerely hope this article may somehow get to the ears of some ZIMSEC officials. The above issues are long overdue. Please ZIMSEC, attend them!