Will Anonymous Hackers stop attacks on government websites now that internet access is granted?

Will Anonymous Hackers stop attacks on government websites now that internet access is granted?
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Following the orders to block the internet by some government officials through the office of the minister in the president's office last week, Anonymous Hackers cracked down on government websites using a Distributed Denial of Service attack also called DDoS. According to a message posted anonymously by Anonymous, the hackers are doing this as a warning and a fight to governments that are oppressing their people and depriving them of their right like access to the internet and social media. The following is their full statement.

“Greetings Zimbabwe, we are Anonymous. We have previously seen innocent people being killed in Zimbabwe. We have seen oppression and tyranny. We have seen people being oppressed for fighting for freedom. We cannot tolerate that. As we did with the Sudanese government, we have successfully taken down 72+ Zimbabwe government websites.

This is only a start. Your banking system will also fall soon. Zimbabwe government, you have become an enemy of Anonymous! Your systems are in danger! In the face of oppression, rebellion becomes our duty. Courage to our brothers who fight for freedom in Zimbabwe and Sudan ”

According to anonymous, they do not forgive tyranical government who oppress their people and deprive them of freedom. 

“People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people. ~~ We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive tyrannical governments. We will not forget your actions. You should have expected us!”

The following is the list of some of the websites attacked by anoymous during the time of shutdown compaigns.

  1. www.agritex.gov.zw
  2. www.archives.gov.zw
  3. www.auditgen.gov.zw
  4. www.auditorgeneral.gov.zw
  5. www.dcip.gov.zw
  6. www.dlvs.gov.zw
  7. www.drss.gov.zw
  8. www.energy.gov.zw
  9. www.gisp.gov.zw
  10. www.gov.zw
  11. www.gta.gov.zw
  12. www.housingministry.gov.zw
  13. www.ictministry.gov.zw
  14. www.justice.gov.zw
  15. www.lands.gov.zw
  16. www.mepip.gov.zw
  17. www.met.gov.zw
  18. www.mhet.gov.zw
  19. www.mhtestd.gov.zw
  20. www.mic.gov.zw
  21. www.miit.gov.zw
  22. www.mines.gov.zw
  23. www.mlass.gov.zw
  24. www.mlgurd.gov.zw
  25. www.mlgvturd.gov.zw
  26. www.moa.gov.zw
  27. www.mocpa.gov.zw
  28. www.testdomain7.gov.zw
  29. www.theopc.gov.zw
  30. www.tourism.gov.zw
  31. www.transcom.gov.zw
  32. www.vpmujuruoffice.gov.zw
  33. www.water.gov.zw
  34. www.women.gov.zw
  35. www.zec.gov.zw
  36. www.zim.gov.zw
  37. www.zimbabwe.gov.zw
  38. www.zimembassyvienna.gov.zw
  39. www.zimfa.gov.zw
  40. www.zimgaborone.gov.zw
  41. www.zimgeneva.gov.zw
  42. www.zimimmigration.gov.zw
  43. www.zimlondon.gov.zw
  44. www.zimtreasury.gov.zw
  45. www.zrp.gov.zw
  46. zimtreasury.gov.zw

Will Anonymous Hackers stop attacks on government website now that internet access is granted? The attacks may stop given that internet access has been granted. However, according to the quoted post by Anonymous, they are doing this to fight government inflicted sufferring of the people. While Zimbabweans now have internet and social media access, the struggle continues.


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