When to buy new technology as an individual or organisation?

When to buy new technology as an individual or organisation?

Technology is moving so fast that every year a newer version of a gadget that you bought the previous year is introduced. It can be a new laptop, a new phone, a new watch etc. Technology companies are now in the culture of upgrading their gadgets year by year. The same tech gadget you bought in 2018 has an upgraded version in 2019. The same happen with software. As a result individuals and organizations wonder whether to go with the new version or not to. Deep inside them there is feeling that their current tech gadget is still working fine or that they are still okay with the functions of the current software. On the other hand, because there is a new software or technology, it makes them feel feeble and absolute to not upgrade to the latest technology.

What is usually upgraded in newer tech gadgets and software?

Some people buy new technology without even knowing what got upgraded. Eventually they find themselves caught in the habit of buying the latest tech gadget at a very high price this year, only to sell it at a very low price the following year.

So here is what usually gets upgraded:

  1. Design: Physical design and frame can get upgraded from version to version. Many technology manufacturers for computers and mobile phones are shifting from bulky designs to slim and portable ones.
  2. Functionalities: New upgrades usually have new or improved functionalities. This can be camera upgrades, battery life improvements and other advanced features.
  3. Software: Newer technology gadgets also come with new software both system software and application software. These are usually meant for stability and security purposes.
  4. Controls: Lastly but not least, new technology can bring new controls to the gadget or software. Controls define how users interact with the gadget and manipulate its functionalities and software.

So back to our main question: When to buy new technology? 

I have just highlighted the things that get upgraded and that usually differ from one gadget version to the other. From the information provided, it therefore entails that you may need to buy new technology when:

  1. Most of the new features and functionalities are important to you. Ask yourself, how many of the new features in the new gadget do I genuinely need before buying. Today people who buy expensive tech gadgets and software end up using only 6% of the available features.
  2. You have someone to teach you and help you use the features that matter. I am not trying to promote a generation of technologically backward people. While it can be good and classy to upgrade, make sure you have someone to teach you and help you use the features, unless you are a full time technologists. You do not want to end up owning a gadget that overwhelms you in every way.
  3. The current technology is absolute. In this world, whatever technology gadget you buy today, one day that same technology will become absolute. We say that technology is absolute when it no longer satisfies the intended purposes or the current needs in terms of functionalities or design. Absolute technology may not support new needs and software. In this case buy new!
  4. When it is profitable one way or another. This applies most when the user gains profit from use or is specifically seeking certain aspects of the upgrades for delivery of service or production.

In conclusion, do not just buy and upgrade technology for the sake of it. Do you really need it? I hope this was helpful.