Whatsapp finally allows you to delete messages you have send on both ends

Whatsapp finally allows you to delete messages you have send on both ends

Probably this is one of the greatest news and updates for whatsapp users. Deleting send messages on both ends is a life server for most users who may have send something to friends relatives and groups by mistake and failed to take it back. There are stuff that people share on the whatsapp platform such that immediately after sending you regret and wish you didn't. This new feature now allows you to delete not just for yourself but also for everyone in the conversation. That means you may be able to delete the message before anyone else sees it.

To delete a message, one has to long press on a message brings up "delete" or "cancel" just like before, but with the new option, it brings "delete for everyone" as well. "Delete" just removes it from your end, but "delete for everyone" removes it for all participants in a conversation.

So if you long press to delete the message, the following window appears, and the options work as described above.

There are a few things to understand though on the functionality of this feature. If you do not delete the message within seven minutes of sending it, then you loose the right of deleting the message. This means that as soon as you send a message yo need to quickly verify if its the correct message or else you loose the opportunity, after seven minutes.

The other thing is that, the feature does not take into account whether the message has been read or not. That means that you will be more sure if you delete the message before the two blue ticks. If you delete after the two blues ticks show up, it could be too late, the message might have been seen or shared already.

If you delete a message for everyone it will show "You deleted this message" in your window and "This message was deleted" for others, so they can see you deleted something even if they can't see what it was.

To use this feature on your mobile phone, you have to update your whatsapp to the latest version however as usual for such things, it might not land everywhere at the same time.