Top elearning platforms and resources in Zimbabwe [Updated]

Top elearning platforms and resources in Zimbabwe [Updated]

Digital learning is becoming the new way of learning for students at every stage of learning, from pre-scholars to tertiary students. We are in a generation where both teaching and learning won't be effective using traditional methods such as printed books, pen and paper alone. Digital learning tools such as computers, interactive boards,  the internet and online platforms are now making both learning and teaching much more easier, effective and perhaps enjoyable. So here are elearning platforms for primary and secondary schools as well as students in Zimbabwe.

ZIMSAKE Elearning Website

The ZIMSAKE elearning platform is a reource and practice center for students preparing to write ZIMSEC grade 7 exams, ZIMSEC O level exams and ZIMSEC A level exams. The ZIMSAKE Elearning platform operates from the website  For grade 7 resources, the platform covers content for grade 6s and 7s. For O Level, the resources provided are for the form 3s and 4s. A level resources are for both form 5 and 6. So the platform basically provides elearning resources in the form of pdf, powerpoint, word, video and audio fomart as well as practise exam questions. The resources are provided free of charge although some premium books can be sold. The platform is also free to register. Note that some resources can only be accessed by registered users. Parents can register on behalf of their students and from their parent account, they can manage and monitor their children's progress.

Ruzivo Digital

Ruzivo Digital Learning is an online interactive elearning platform which targets primary and secondary students in Zimbabwe. Their Grade 4, 5, 6 and 7 Mathematics and Science education content has been endorsed by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, Curriculum Development Unit (CDU). Through innovative technological solutions such as Ruzivo, quality education can be made more accessible to a larger group of students who ideally have no access and in line with the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4: Inclusive and equitable quality education.

With the massive gaps that exist in the Zimbabwean Education system and primary school completion rates as low as 55% in 2012 and only an estimated 50% going on to secondary school, there is a great need to provide an innovative solution that will enhance the education and the academic results of students in Zimbabwean primary schools.

Revision Online is an online platform composed of men and women who are passionate about sharing education through technology. The platform was launched in 2015 and provides notes, free past exam papers, career guidance as well as tertiary resources. The first four services provided are very fundamental in the education process of every child.


Age-X is a mobile application develoment platform, fronted by Van Lee Chigwada. They have so far developed a number of education applications, most of which are mobile based. This enables students to study on the go. I have taken snapshots of the applications from their google play profile.

Mukutronics e-Learning Zone

They are providers of e-learning services and products for Primary, A level, O level and Tertiary as well as Video tutorials. Mukutronics, fronted by Dhihwa Ignitius also provides single subject applications, ebooks and Offline search engines. Having noticed that there are a number of institujtions and individuals who do not have acces to internet, Mukutronics have come very handy. They developeed and are distributing offline elearning content. Their primary school and secondary school and secondary school single subject applijcations have become a darling with the learners because of their interactiveness and adherence to the syllabus. Mukutronics e-Leaning Zone have also trained educators on the appreciation and use of elearning technologie. The uptake of the useof digital use has significantly implroveed afte rtheprice of hard copy book shot through the roof. They are also on the verge of introducing the Digital Libraries to replace the conventional one which have become an eye sore because of the scant tartered and torn books available. Available from their catalogue is aprimary school application from grade one to seven,  a high school application comprising of O and A level subjects, They aslo do learning portals for individuals and schools. For kindergaten they have interactive applications that allow for counting, colouring , recall and more. They have been approved by the cuuriculum Development Unit and the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has given permission to engagewith schools for distribution of these elearning content.

Dzidzo inhaka

Dzidzo Inhaka Audio Visual Learning is an organization that promotes Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) use in education and has aligned her mission and vision with four priority documents at both national and international level. In 2018 Dzidzo Inhaka held a number of elearning workshops which were of benefit to schools and teachers. Dzidzo Inhaka has established themselves as as a forceto reckon with concerning ICTs and Kindergarten Education. They have trained quite a number of ECD teachers and directors to make them appreciate and apply elearning technologies in their day to day operations. Recently they have embarked on an ambitious project of establishing a centre where young minds are trained on ICTs introducing them to programming.


Fronted by Timothy Shava, zeroes in on both hardware and software in its quest to support elearning. EduPro has embarked on a project of providing elearning-preloaded tablets for primary school this is also coupled with training of end users of computer proficiency. Recently their main thrust is distribution of the school fees management system that curbs pilferage of the much sort after school fees.

Elearning Solutions

One of the known pioneersof elearning who got to prominance after they got a government tender to distribute elaerning tools and software to school.. Here is what they say about their convictions about elearning:

eLearning Solutions' starting point is that technology in itself can never be a solution to all the educational problems. Neither can we hope for a quick solution to the problem of equitable access to technology by the majority of our people. We recognize that, the twin goals of equity and high quality education have profound and practical meaning for our economy and society, and we cannot permit one to yield to the other in principal and practice. To do so would deny young people their chance to learn and live according to their aspirations and abilities. It would lead to a generalized accommodation to mediocrity in our society on the one hand or the creation of an undemocratic elitism on the other. Nonetheless, we believe that what Africa chooses to do with technology can be a significant factor in education and training.

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