TelOne adjusts ADSL data bundles limits and fail to notify their customers

TelOne adjusts ADSL data bundles limits and fail to notify their customers

So there I was, on my laptop the previous month, buying my $89 unlimited TelOne bundle only to discover that the unlimited bundle was no longer unlimited on completing the transaction.  TelOne gave me a notice that had 500G data bundle after purchasing an unlimited bundle. Was it a mistake? Well, it happened again this time and others are experiencing this dilema too. So TelOne has changed package rules without notifying their customers.

Times are hard for everyone in Zimbabwe right now. Many companies, service providers and product manufacturers have increased their prices, so some adjustments were somehow inevitable for internet service providers like TeOne as well. But doing such huge changes and impacting a large number of their subscribers without communication whatsoever is a shocker.

Why would this long serving internet service provider do this. Could it be that they feared to lose customers? Could it be that, the change is just a temporary adjustment? Could it be that they just forgot to notify their customers or perhaps they thought its not that important? Well, all these question somehow can not be answered now.

There seems to be a big problem of communication breakdown with not just TelOne but other internet service providers in Zimbabwe as well. They are slow, they ignore, they lie, they take long. This must be rectified. But TelOne seems to be worse though, they do not actively support their customers. Two months now still no communication. Should subscribers move over to better providers, if ever they exist locally?

In this data age,we need consistently reliable internet service providers in Zimbabwe. Providers who does not announce promotions they are not willing to support. Providers who are always there for the customers, to support their services and correct their messes. Is this just a dream? I believe it is possible.

Anyway, TelOne must have the courtesy of at least explaining to their customers if ever they value them.


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