Telecel launches affordable Home and Office Wi-Fi CPE modems and bundles

Telecel launches affordable Home and Office Wi-Fi CPE modems and bundles

So Telecel has just launched their new WIFI modems suitable for home and office use at a much lower price than both ZOL and NetOne. This follows the launch of its pilot LTE service late last year and is a step further with  increased coverage and the scope of the service. It is now offering modems and bundles meant to ensure complimentary usage of the service.

At the moment, Telecel offers a Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) modem which can be used either at home or in the office and purchased for only $150. This modem can connect up to 15 individual devices to the internet. This means a lot of people can use just the one modem to connect to the internet easily. The modem offers very fast speed in all areas that are now covered in LTE but should there be coverage issues, it has the capability to fall back on the more conventional 3G technology until it latches on LTE signal again. 
Upon purchase of the CPE Wi-Fi modem, available from all Telecel offices, a Telecel subscriber will be able to purchase their preferred bundles conveniently from the comfort of their home or office by dialling *470#. New subscribers who purchase the CPE modem will get 5GB bundle free on their first month
The modem can be used in conjunction with a suite of data bundles that range from 5GB costing only $8.00 going all the way up to 75GB coming in at a very affordable $90.00. The full range of bundles on offer cover various usage volumes based on identified user needs. They are indicated below and are all valid for 30 days.

Price Inc. VAT
Data (GB)

Telecel’s Communications and Branding Manager, Farai Katiza said, “We pride ourselves for being innovative and customer centric. We are fully aware of the current economic challenges being faced by most people and this offer is in direct response to that identified need. Our customers have always been loyal to us because of the protracted and stable value they get from us,” she said.
Telecel has firm plans to cover more areas with the LTE service and avail these modems in the country as the coverage improves

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