Technology users must understand "the digital sunset" concept.

Technology users must understand "the digital sunset" concept.

We are in a generation where technology has become an integrated part of our lives. Every day billions of people are using technology, mobile phones, computers and many more. Web technologies have also grown leading people to spend nights on social media and different online platforms. There are no rules to the game; hence technology has impacted lives negatively sometimes. I therefore feel that " a better compromise" can be achieved if  "the digital sunset" concept is applied.

What is the digital sunset concept?
The digital sunset concept is a coined concept, which calls people to set a time during the day particularly evenings, when it must be hands off technology gadgets like mobile phones and computers. It is undeniable that as people sometimes we are so engulfed in these tech gadgets to an extent where we cannot sufficiently attend to others issues of life. As a result it is undeniably important to set aside a time, say 7:00pm onwards, and be committed to that set time: say after this set time, I will not be using any technological gadget, off WHATSAPP, off Facebook, off twitter and off LinkedIn.

Why is it important to set aside digital sunset controls?

It is important to set this time aside for your benefit and as well as for those who are close to you: your family, friends, workmates and family. Because it is a decision that affects those close to you, it can be useful to organize with those close to you. You can agree to say we all switch off our phones between 7: pm to 7: am the following day. Technology no longer respects privacy, time to rest, time to plan, sleeping, family etc. It gets in our way too many times if uncontrolled.

Benefits of Digital Sunset Concept

  1. Sufficient time to sleep – Time to sleep is time to rest the body and mind. So it is important to stay off everything so that your body and mind becomes ready for the next day.
  2. It can help solving recurring arguments- Really? Yes it can, social media has fuelled arguments between and among people because it affords those involved to argue day and night. But by using the digital sunset concept, some arguments can die naturally.
  3. We always need time to get settled and plan the following day. But many we fail to do this because we are sometimes hold hostage by social media. This has made many people to begin their day clueless of what needs to be done and to be achieved.
  4. It affords us quality time with family- Many have missed that "family time" because they are stuck with their mobile phones. 
  5. It gives you time to relax and refresh
  6. More time for reading for pleasure

The list can be endless. So I encourage you technocrats, and technology users, let us implement this concept!