Social media never rests : Zimbabweans using social media controversy creatively

Social media never rests : Zimbabweans using social media controversy creatively

So it seems that Zimbabweans are beginning to outgrow social media. Of late there have been many social media events which turned into controversy, some potentially destructive controversies. But it seems Zimbabweans are outgrowing social media by using most of the controversies creatively. The main picture given in this article is featuring the recent issue of a dead man whom Pastor Alph Lukau  based in South Africa prayed for and "came back to life", but turned creatively into an advert by Aftermath Technologies.

The issue became the talk of the day, when a video and later pictures of Pastor Alph Lukau praying for the dead  Zimbabwean man and who later came back to life circulated on social media. The controversy was centered on the genuineness of the miracle; seeking an answer to whether what is said to have happened really happened. I do not seek to provide an answer or my opinion about the issue of the miracle's genuineness in this article. But what captured my attention following the circulation of the video, pictures and memes of the controversy was how some began to use it creatively.

Social media recently became a delicate and very dangerous platform which can ruin lives, relationships, reputation and justice if certain guidelines are not observed by its users. Such creativity and unique curation is therefore a plus as it helps in keeping a step ahead of social media downsides.

This is not the first that some Zimbabweans have used similar events positively. Recently there was the ndinyengeiwo girl, Lorraine Guyo as she is now popularly known. After jokingly recording a video asking anonymous men to propose her ahead of the valentines day, she also became the talk of the week. Some brands later used the events, persecutions and popularity positively to sell their products and services.

We need a generation of people who outgrow social media in this age in judgement and perception. While I do not mean to undermine pastor Alph Lukau or to discredit the "resurrection miracle", following are some of the memes and pictures centred on the issue. These are circulating all over the internet.


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