Social media gets Lorraine Guyo, "ndinyengeiwo" fame seeker into trouble

Social media gets Lorraine Guyo, "ndinyengeiwo" fame seeker into trouble

I recently published an article on this blog, talking about the dangers of social media flirting.  It is my sincere hope that many who managed to read the article took heed. Social media recently saw one Zimbabwe girl Lorraine Guyo getting into trouble after recording a video of herself asking men in general to propose to her ahead of the Valentines day. The "Ndinyengeiwo" fame seeker/comedian got into trouble after jokingly recording a video of herself asking men to propose to her and unleashed it to social media. Subsequent events saw a video of a completely naked woman much similar to her circulating on social media and this got her in  big trouble.

Lorraine tried to justify the social media attacks as some were persecuting her for the type of video she recorded in the first place. In her defence Lorraine said it was a joke she meant to kind of remind people of the Valentines Day. For the latter video of a naked woman was similar to her, Lorraine denied and said it was not her in the video at all. She cried that the persecutions directed to her on social media were doing her more harm than good. How will it end?

Well, I am not sure how this is going to end. Some began to make replica videos of themselves in what they termed "The Ndinyengeiwo Challenge". While Lorraine said two important things here; one that it was just a joke and the second that it was not her in the second video. Does it justify her action of recording such a video in the first place?

I personally sympathize so much with Lorraine's predicament and I think it is not right for the Zimbabwean social media community to continue persecuting her. But the action she did, of recording the video was not right at all. If it was meant to be a joke, then she actually went for the wrong choice of joke type.

Sometime ago, I posted an article on 10 things that must never be taken to social media. Well, this is one of them. Sharing pictures or videos of one's nakedness. This can get a person into disaster. For Lorraine, she suffered character assassination and I know for a fact that she now calls it social media abuse or social media bullying. The question is; Who started it in the first place? She did! She could have avoided this by recording a different joke and this could have been avoided. I hear that Lorraine was also fired from work following the viral video on social media. 

I sympathize with the lady, but the bottom line is that she was very unfortunate to be in the situation that social media and her actions got her. What we may need to do now as Zimbabwe's social media community is to stop persecuting her. We need to encourage her for the shame can be temporary and also learn from her predicament in our future conduct on social media.


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