Sky News not accredited to report on Zimbabwe : Nick Mangwana

Sky News not accredited to report on Zimbabwe : Nick Mangwana

Mr Nick Mangwana,who is the PERMANENT Secretary for Information Publicity and Broadcasting Services  said that British broadcaster Sky News is not cleared to work in Zimbabwe. This comes after Sky News' Africa correspondent John Sparks reported on an incident where a man in handcuffs was being beaten by men in police and army uniforms.

Mr Mangwana says the government did not clear anyone from Sky News to report on Zimbabwe. This process of clearance and accredition is supposed to be done before anyone comes to report in Zimbabwe and Sky News did not go through this. What made the issue an issue is that the allegation is biased according to the government.

While the report is allegedly false, there is a footage to it in video, recorded in Chiremba Road in Harare. Mr Mangwana says they have not had any problems with other Journalists from British Media as they always follow the procedures which Sky News' John Sparks pictured below failed to do.

John Sparks-Sky News

 Mangwana says that Sky News did not do it the correct way because reporters always have to seek government comment before airing such news which Sparks failed to do. Sparks reported on fuel fuel hikes of 150% as well as on the brutality of police and army during the protests. Like Mangwana, the president also showed displeasure, he says "I was appalled by today’s Sky News report. This is not the Zimbabwean way". Was John Sparks's Report false? Should Reporters always report on things that the government agrees with?

Recently, NEWZIMBABWE.COM CEO Madzingo was detained, perhaps it was because he tried to report without being cleared or the government has just become more strictier on Media and news Reporting


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