Problem Solved : Now easy to get access to legal services online through LawBasket

Isn’t it worrisome that out of all the justice problems worldwide only 18 percent of them are satisfactorily solved? What use is the justice system if 62 percent of the people who need justice to not have it? One of the major limitations is lack of access to the justice system and a startup born in Zimbabwe is working to solve this problem. 

Problem Solved : Now easy to get access to legal services online through LawBasket

Access to justice liberated by LawBasket

Historically access to justice have been to a select few who have pockets deep enough to satisfy the legal and consultation charges demanded by the traditional law firms. We had a situation where one has to pay for the law firm administrative costs before their core issues are addressed. Can you imagine that you just need help dealing with bad debtors and before getting the help you have to pay the Law Firm secretary, coffee, rates and all accessories in the name of consultation fee? With LawBasket your core issues will be affordably attended to considering that you will not be charged extra costs not directly related to your legal issue.

Why LawBasket?

Who would have thought you can have your legal issues in Senegal attended to while you are enjoying yourself in Cabana? Thanks to LawBasket for the online platform that cut across geo-political boundaries. The model is simple, LawBasket has a network of Lawyers in 19 African nations and still counting. It is this network of eligible and qualified lawyers that one can leverage on without going through the process of rigorous research and verification of the authenticity of the lawyers. You might be wondering what form of legal issues may need a lawyer outside your home country. Think of this, you want to invest in a foreign nation and you need help on the investment laws of that jurisdiction, why would you want to re-invent the wheel by exposing yourself to the strenuous exercise of finding a legal representative if LawBasket has already done that on your behalf? 
Apart from saving a great deal of money and cutting through the geo-political restrictions in order to have access to legal services, LawBasket gives you an advantage of saving time. Time is a greatest resource that need not to be wasted. What would take you several hours to find out can now take you few minutes. LawBasket allows seamless interaction between legal practitioners and clients. It is not only a platform to match lawyers and clients but it offers a free case management online portal where clients can track the progress and milestones of their cases. It would need you to arrange meetings with lawyers to know the progress of your case but now at the click of a button you are in touch with your lawyer, Isn’t it amazing?
Another incredible feature on LawBasket platform is the ability to choose a lawyer of your choice based on their bio or reviews from previous clients. Clients are empowered to make informed choice of lawyers and there is nowhere else one can get this privilege. If you walk into any Law Firm, lawyers who handle your case will be assigned to you. 
What if I engage a lawyer on LawBasket and I get conned? I knew you had this question at the back of your mind. LawBasket has a rigorous vetting process for lawyers who practice on the platform. No legal professional is allowed to practice through LawBasket without their academic qualifications and practice certificates being thoroughly verified. LawBasket works with Legal Societies and Law professional bodies for most of the countries it is present in. This is one way used to verify the authenticity of Lawyers. I know you are still thinking, “What if I pay my money and I do not get the service?” When a client pays their legal fee it does not go straight to the Lawyer, it is held in the escrow system pending the completion of the case. This way neither the Client nor the Lawyer will be fraudulent.
One might still want to know why use LawBasket instead of a simple google search to access lawyers online. The answer lies in what I have discussed above. With LawBasket you get verified lawyers hence saving time and money you would otherwise need to verify the lawyers’ authenticity on your own. You are less likely to encounter fraud issues hence you significantly reduce your liability to loss.
LawBasket is a win-win solution for Lawyers and clients. It allows Lawyers to get paid on extra work but without having to deal with administrative issues. It is a platform where lawyers can interact and share knowledge through a feature called Scripta. Lawyers can also get the chance to give back through working with legal interns from various law schools. Another amazing feature is a pro bono feature where clients can get help absolutely free of charge. LawBasket however reserves the right to choose the beneficiaries of the pro bono services informed by a pre-set selection method. All this is to make sure that justice is accessible to all people who need it.

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(This article was written by Chris Nyasha Dhinembira. He is passionate about writing on technologies and solutions that help improve the quality of life for people)