Ownai Classifieds versus Zimbabwe Classifieds

Ownai Classifieds versus Zimbabwe Classifieds

Have you ever tried or thought of buying an item or an IT gadget online and have wondered which of the major online classifieds websites to use? Well, I know that so far the major online classifieds for general shopping is Ownai founded by Econet Wireless Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe Classifieds founded by Webdev. Perhaps some of you would want to know which one exactly is the best between the two, so here is a general comparison.

Variety Of goods and Services

There is by far a greater variety of items and services within the same category on classifieds.co.zw than on ownai.co.zw. That means if one is looking for a variety of goods and services to choose from within the same category, then The Classifieds is the choice. Also if you wish to compare services, products or suppliers before final purchase, The Classifieds Zimbabwe can aslo be the choice. It is however possible to get a variety of items on ownai as well for other categories.

Product or Service Categories

There are more item categories on The Classifieds (classifieds.co.zw) again than there are on ownai (ownai.co.zw). The categories are not just mere categories but they are loaded with thousands of goods and services on sale. The advantage to this is that it can make it much easier to search for the item as the categories tends to be more item specific.

classifieds.co.zw  categories snapshot
classifieds.co.zw categories snapshot

ownai.co.zw  categories snapshot
ownai.co.zw  categories snapshot

Easiness of product/service searching

In this criteria, ownai is much more convenient as it allows the user to see more than just categories, links and banner adverts on the home page, but also allows you to see recently added items as well as the most popular items. This is not there on The Classifieds. The Classifieds however has much more advanced filter options in the search area and this is quiet a plus for them.

Easiness of contacting the seller

This category all depends on user preferences. If you wish to contact the seller on your own, The Classifieds affords you that by providing more information about the product seller than on ownai. However ownai goes an extra mile by sending messages straight to the seller's inbox on email and phone number, that is if you choose to contact the seller from the website. This cannot be ignored.

Prices of Products/Services

The prices on ownai tend to be lower than on the classifieds probably because most of the sellers on ownai are either vendors or manufactures as opposed to retailers who floods The Classifieds. Ownai therefore provides an oportunity for the buyer to negotiate the product or service downwards.

Supplier or seller reliability

Many buyers are quiet concerned about the reliability of the seller. This mainly depends on previous experiences of the buyer. I personally think that some people tend to trust ownai because of its founding background. Ownai was founded by Econet Wireless and that makes others to percieve it trustworthy as Econet has been around for years now. Some also trust The Classifieds basing on its age and service provision. Most of those who buy online in Zimbabwe can testify having bought at least an item through The Classifieds as opposed to Ownai.

My final Word

Both Ownai and The Classifieds are quiet good online classifieds websites to use when buying online. Most people still use both. Try it !