Online Resources for ZIMSEC exam preparations 2018

The Zimbabwe school examination board (ZIMSEC) is generally difficult to get resources from on the internet when compared to our main alternative board, Cambridge . Cambridge provide e-books of past examination papers and other study guides free of charge. But with ZIMSEC online resources are so scarce except for the syllabuses. This makes preparations so difficult for most ZIMSEC candidates in today's world where the internet has become the quickest and most convenient place to get resources and information from. There are are however several alternative sites that and other online based methods that one can use to prepare for the 2018 October to November examinations.

Online Resources for ZIMSEC exam preparations 2018

Student Prerequisites in order to prepare for ZIMSEC Examinations Online

  • First the student ought to have a tablet, laptop, desktop or a good smart phone, however a laptop or a desktop is more ideal because of :
    • The size of the screen size. It is more enjoyable learning online when you can see everything clearly on bigger screen. Most smart phones have a smaller screen size.
    • Some websites do not display properly on a mobile phone, they won't be so responsive, this can really affect you when you are trying to get information from such sites even if at times they have information which would be very useful to the student.
  • Secondly the student requires a good internet connection. There are a lot of ways to get internet connection at your place today. Following is are a few examples:
    1. Telone IDSL- Telone offers affordable home connection from as little as $50 initial installment which include first month subscription. From there the monthly subscription goes at $25 per month with 30G of data.
    2. Telecel night bundles- Telecel unlimited night bundles can also be used to get a good internet connection. It is so hot these days and studying late evening or early morning can be more conducive because it would be quiet and the temperature would be cool. The bundles are affordable and are valid from 11pm - The prices are $1 for 2 nights, $2 for 7 nights and $3 for 14 nights.
    3. There are a lot more ways to get connected which I am not going to explore since it is beyond the scope of this article.

Visit ZIMSAKE Elearning Website at 
For ZIMSEC elearning resources and practice exams

Online Ways to prepare for the Exams

There are several ways get the desired results online. The following are some of them:

Using Facebook

Candidates can use Facebook in preparation for their 2018 November to December ZIMSEC examinations. Create a face book account if you do not have one, and then join discussion group as well as question and answer groups on Facebook. These groups can be very to seek and exchange exam related information quickly and broadly. The advantage with using Facebook groups is that there is always someone online to answer your question or contribute to the discussion especially if it is a large group. Remember i said all you need to do is to login to Facebook and search for an appropriate group using appropriate search terms. For example you can search for "ZIMSEC" or “math ZIMSEC", definitely you will get the group. If you decide to use Facebook groups for exam preparation you have to be careful not to be swept away by other conversations, articles and stories which are not linked in any way to your main objective.

Using Academic Websites

Although ZIMSEC gives very limited digital materials necessary for exam preparations online, there are so many academic websites that were launched to curb this weakness. These websites basically assist in the following ways:

  • Provide academic notes for candidates
  • Provide past examination papers to candidates
  • Provide multiple choice questions which can be automatically marked online
  • Provide Ask and Answer forum like platforms where active discussion can take place.

The following are some of the examples of websites that provide the above services to candidates

  • - The ZIMSAKE elearning platform is a reource and practice center for students preparing to write ZIMSEC grade 7 exams, ZIMSEC O level exams and ZIMSEC A level exams.  For grade 7 resources, the platform covers content for grade 6s and 7s. For O Level, the resources provided are for the form 3s and 4s. A level resources are for both form 5 and 6. So the platform basically provides elearning resources in the form of pdf, powerpoint, word, video and audio fomart as well as practise exam questions.
  • - This website provide notes as well as past exam questions to candidates. However most of their notes are not downloadable, so that means that you can only use the resources online. The past exam papers are not downloadable as well due to copyright issues according to the site administrators.
  • - This website offers revision notes for commercial candidates. Most of the materials on the website are GCSE materials, but as might know, most materials and concepts in ZIMSEC syllabus are quite similar to those for GCSE for most subjects. So the Website can be of great help to you.
  • Other Websites - You can also search for other websites on Google. Just try several search terms and you might come across more useful sites to use for your exam preparations.

Join Academic groups on whatsapp

Whatsapp has become many things to many people. Some may use it as a messaging platform, some may use it for Group meetings, some for online marketing but you can use it for exam preparations. To do this search for whatsapp exam groups on google, get group links from admins and join.

I hope this article is helpful to some of our readers. Feel free to add more points in the comment section!