Online businesses you can start in this current situation in Zimbabwe

Online businesses you can start in this current situation in Zimbabwe

With our Zimbabwean economy being unpredictable as the weather, it only makes sense to invest your money in a business model that is not largely affected by an economy. In Zimbabwe there are many online business opportunities, but many think that these opportunities are beyond their reach. There is a reason why big companies like Econet are building more and more online businesses  in Zimbabwe like Ownai, Ruzivo and Vaya. The reason is that there is a growing number of Zimbabweans who are now getting internet access and engaging on social media. Do you know it is super easy to start an online business in Zimbabwe?

Yes, you can start your own online business today for less than $ 20 bond. I myself l have three online businesses 1. a blog on online entrepreneurship 2. Digital marketing agency 3. This business magazine. Online businesses are really easy to start even for non tech people but let me warn you they are very hard to run. They require a lot of hard work and determination during the first few months because you can go for several months without making money but when the money starts to roll in it will be worth it. I took me 5 months to make a single dollar from my blog.

Here are 5 online businesses you can start in this current situation in Zimbabwe.

1. Become An Expert Blogger

If you’re passionate about writing and you have a good knowledge on certain subjects or topics, then type your way to riches by creating your own blog. Launching your own blog doesn’t require a great deal of technical or computer skills in-fact you can start a blog in less than 2 hours. It is important to know that blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. Over time, you’ll start to develop an audience since people will trust your expertise and knowledge. When you get a large number of audience or followers you can then monetize your blog.

Sponsored advertisement is the best way to monetize your blog. This is how and make money or even big companies like Facebook. You can also do affiliate marketing and sponsored posts. Look at it this way, during the newspaper era people or companies would pay newspaper publishers to advertise their service but now instead of newspapers it now blog websites.

2. Social Media Consultant Agency

Large corporations and business firms can easily hire a full-time staff coordinator or corresponding agency to run their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, but smaller businesses frequently have to manage their own marketing for social media. But, because they have a great number of other responsibilities, many times business owners are too overwhelmed or busy to spend a lot of time on developing their social media approach. This is when you pitch in by helping them to improve their social media presence and maintain their social media platforms. This business idea might not seem profitable but trust me my fellow Zimbabweans you will soon eat the fruits of your labour. For more on social media agency l hand you over to social media marketing expert Kuda

3. Digital Marketing Agency

A lot of companies in Zimbabwe are warming up to digital marketing. Digital marketing is cost effect and efficient. Have you ever seen ads on YouTube or Facebook or no certain websites? That is all digital marketing. Here is an example of digital marketing agency Locko digital. 

For this you have to do a course on digital marketing from afrodigital or a free one from google. The reason why am advising you to enrol in a course is that digital marketing is a broad topic and there is a lot you have to learn in-order to provide the required services to your clients. By the way Locko digital ( locko digital agency 2290 ascot infill gweru zimbabwe)is my own digital marketing agency l started no so long ago in 2018.

4. Travelling Agency

We all know that people love travelling but they hate making the travelling arrangements. For example, lets say you want to travel to Vic falls for holiday during the busy x-mas period but you are in Harare. You want to book a hotel, boat cruise or elephant ride or bungee jumping and you don’t know how to book them all, don’t you think it will be a good idea to pay someone who knows it all to arrange everything for you. The travelling agency will give your schedule and all you have to do is follow that schedule.

5. Consulting agency

If you are really good at anything and am talking of having a masters or PHD in a certain degree, then you qualify for this online business idea. For example, if you have a PHD in Business related degree then you can offer to help struggling businesses by providing solutions and ideas for them. This is a very good business idea for Zimbabweans how are sitting on their degrees at home.


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