Offline Search Engines: Handy Research and Study Tools

Offline Search Engines: Handy Research and Study Tools

It is very unfortunate that students are sometimes seriously disadvantaged when they lack internet access for study. There is a panacea to this setback, Offline Search Engines. Having these installed in one’s computer avails access to hordes of data complete with images, videos and animations for easy of understanding. Let’s walk this journey together as we demystify the adage, “No internet no research”

Read the following write-up and help yourself to a minimal cost digital library.

Encyclopaedia Britannica

encyclopaedia britanica

This is a very comprehensive study and research tool. It comprise of three libraries built in one, these are: Advanced Level Content, Intermediate Level content (for students aged 10 to 14 years) and Introductory Level content (for 6 to 10 year olds) so what this tool basically does is it covers the whole household’s research and study needs. The big plus of this research tool is it does not need internet connection but however if one so happen to have internet connection you are linked to extra educational sites. When you get into the search menu the results come in Articles, Multimedia, Images and Book of the year entrants so it’s a wide coverage of whatever information one will be looking for. On the multimedia segments you get your search results in audio, motion, animation and video illustrations. Once installed in your computer it runs perpetually. Encyclopedia Britannica comprise of 4.3 Gig of DATA. You get this you got a library at the click of your finger.

2 .Microsoft Encarta


Microsoft Encarta is a highly interactive search engine and is more illustrative. It strives more on having the user participate with hundreds of inbuilt interactive activities. When installed in the computer it comes in three parts: Encarta Premium this is for upper level students and has more comprehensive content, Encarta kids; this is the home for kids especially from kindergarten to Grade 7. The interactive programs allow the user to participate in say, spellings, Maths and science applications. The third component is the Encarta Dictionary which comes with audio for both British and American pronunciation. It also got a thesaurus and Translation to other languages. With this search engine you can manoeuvre from political, economic, social, academic, sport and whatever your taste is. The lovers of interactive search engines this is for you. Comes in almost 3 Gig of DATA



This 4.2 Gig of Data search engines has a little bit of everything without much illustration. Wikipedia strives on providing statistics and timelines in images. Though discredited by other people the search engine is spot-on academically. With all these three put together one would have built a comprehensive digital library and bid farewell to the conventional library. Let’s all go digital.


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