New Zimbabwe CEO, Jeff Madzingo detained by Soldiers at Tuku's funeral

New Zimbabwe CEO, Jeff Madzingo detained by Soldiers at Tuku's funeral

NEWZIMBABWE.COM is an online news website and UK based Jeff Madzingo is the CEO. One's goosebumps may surely appear, if you are an online publisher like me on hearing stories like this one. I really wonder if our dear Zimbabwe have become a land of the lawless. For Jeff Madzingo who had come to attend Tuku's funeral and paying his condolences, all the way from the UK where he is based, it was a terrible experience all together. While in Madziva homestead where the Oliver Mutukudzi was to be buried, soldiers reportedly hijacked him innocently. Is this the New Zimbabwean way?

The soldiers accussed him of using his mobile phone to film/record them. This was not true according to Madzingo. But even if it was, was filming wrong at an event in question? And why would the soldiers be so afraid of being recorded to the point of detaining him for so long? The following is Jeff's account of what happened till his release..

They accused me of filming them with my mobile phone which I never did.

I was detained for more than two hours, being moved from one place to the other as they looked for senior commanders who were supposed to decide my fate.

I insisted that I had not filmed any soldiers. I even showed them what I had recorded but they still wouldn’t let me go.

I was eventually released after some colleagues gave the soldiers their IDs and guarantees which had been demanded. It was a very very terrible experience.

I made a sacrifice to come; flying in from the UK to celebrate the life of a legend, Zimbabwean icon and international icon, to pay my respects.

At the end of the day, I didn’t do much in terms of being present at the funeral.

I was literally in detention which was a very sad experience for me and I don’t see any justification for what I have had to go through.

Well, they eventually released him, but what were they going to do next, had they found that he actually filmed them? Beat him, Imprison him or worse? These events combined with previous government actions against internet and social media last weeks tell the same story. Our Zimbabwe is perhaps no longer a free world. It is no longer safe online and offline for Journalist and online publishers.


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