Kinder Care Zimbabwe Organisation officially launches the Smart Kidz Club E-Learning Application

Kinder Care Zimbabwe Organisation officially launches the Smart Kidz Club E-Learning  Application
Image credits : Kinder Care Zimbabwe

On Saturday 21 July 2018, Kinder Care Zimbabwe Organisation officially launched the Smart Kidz Club Application for E-Learning offline devices such as android, iPhone operating system & windows pc at the Incubation Pod, Steward Bank, Avondale, Harare.

Smart Kidz Club was developed by 2015 in the United States of America as an online portal containing interactive resources for kids that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.It features beautifully illustrated and engaging e-books and resources with Read-Along technology; animated e-boaoks and resources with interactive activities providing kids fun while they learn; mobile apps that are both entertaining and educational; and lots of other kids-oriented resources that are continually introduced. The App consist of high-energy and innovative group of authors, illustrators, publishers, software professionals, voice artists teachers, and parents with a vision of providing on-the-go learning for kids of all ages. 

The App also measures each child’s participation if used per individual where pointers such as time-spent, books read, play activities done, quizzes done as well as favourite books read daily are presented in graphs and pie charts against time spent for users grouped as Parents & Teachers for Assessment as well as progress check via email/online website (remote access) & offline login (on the same devices used by the child). These features come at a subscription fee ranging from US$15 per month, $80 per 6months & $150 per year with an unbelievable discount promotion when given a campaign code.

The launch also included a workshop that educated 18 participants, having 11 of them from different preparatory schools & learning institutes as the first adopters of the SmartKidzClub application in Zimbabwe namely; U.S.A, Mexico, Chile, India, Australia, Botswana, South Africa, Kenya amongst others. Addressing at the workshop were Dr. Faith Nyamukapa of Kinder Care Zimbabwe, Mr. Charles Mubaiwa, Zimbabwe 1st E-Learning Pioneer & Mr. Harjeet Singh the Vice President, Smart Kidz Club via Skype live Broadcast. All enquiries, questions were directed to Harjeet who responded through demonstrations.

The Bear, Del.-based digital content production house operates under IT firm Spearhead Inc., founded by Harjeet Singh in 1998. Smart Kidz Club was launched out of Spearhead in late 2013 with a social mission to provide accessible educational content to children and their parents across the globe — with an emphasis on mobile. Mr. Singh is on record for having stated, “There is a need to have a library of books that is contemporary and affordable by everyone in the world,” said Singh. “We started acquiring our own content and created this library of books.” & ever-since the application has been adopted in the countries mentioned. Meanwhile Dr. Faith Nyamukapa urged both interested teaching institutes & parents across Zimbabwe that, “…technology is evolving continuously & it’s our duty to allow our children to embrace it in order to for them to learn and develop faster.” She adds, “We appreciate e-learning being part of the updated curriculum in Zimbabwe and thus the drive in launching Smart Kids Club here for children at the ages of 3 to 11 years irrespective of geographical location or accessibility to Internet.”

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