Is whatsapp hacking a myth or a reality?

Is whatsapp hacking a myth or a reality?

This article is not meant to promote any illegal activity but is only meant for educational purposes.
Circles have been flooded by the so called fact that the popular Whatsapp application cannot be hacked based on the fact that its developers invested a lot of money in its security and also armed it with the end to end encryption. As is stands like this, it is sad to announce that whatsapp hacking is a reality. This article will hint on the 3 ways in which whatsapp can be hacked and the possible way to prevent whatsapp hacks.

Firstly it is important to note that there tends to be a lot of motivation for someone to hack into another person’s whatsapp and this goes from partners in a relationship, trust issues, industrial espionage, obtaining court evidence or verifying some issues.

The first simple way to intrude into anyone’s privacy is by the abuse of the free google playstore application Whats-web which is readily available for everyone to download. Originally this application was not created with the intention to assist to intrude into anyone’s privacy but was meant to allow whatsapp users to access their whatsapp messages from various devices using a single number. The application uses QR scan technology to clone whatsapp from phone A into phone B, which allows phone B to be able to read and or even reply messages as phone A. If anyone who has access to you phone has Whats-web it is easier for them to have access to your chats 24/7 the same way you do.

Secondly, hackers can hack your Whatsapp by installing spyware applications into your phone. A spyware is a backdoor application that virtually gives a hacker access to your phone system and this includes, all call records, text messages, ability to change settings, block contacts, and reset phone and uninstall all applications. After hackers would have installed a spyware in your phone which operates in stealth mode and difficult to detect they will register your whatsapp number on their device and when the whatsapp verification is received in your phone it will be received in their phone too facilitated by the spyware and when they punch it and activate two step verification password you will be locked out of your whatsapp and they will be in charge of it.

Lastly, Hackers now hack whatsapp with custom advanced softwares and this is does remotely without you being aware and mostly this is done by hackers hired by intelligence and the government agencies at large in order to track espionage and criminal activities. 

Before the end to end encryption hackers would steal data packets transmitted by your phone in case you will be using their Wifi most commonly public Wifi at airports, malls and public institutions. However, hackers do not run out of ideas and are constantly developing genius ides to discover vulnerabilities within systems.

Now you may secure your whatsapp by the following methods.

  • Secure your phone with a strong phone and password
  • Download third apps such as vault from playstore/ app store to secure your applications
  • Do not share your cellphone to strangers
  • When charging your phone on anyone’s device make sure to enable charge only option
  • Make sure to uninstall any suspicious applications from your phone
  • Make sure you download the best antivirus for your phone from google playstore or app store
  • Do not download applications from dodgy websites, they could be spywares
  • Activate 2 step verification password which is prebuilt in whatsapp under security tab

By following these steps you would have secured your whatsapp and mobile device. Security is an illusion but its best to primarily protect your device with these measures.


The writer is an Ethical hacker, web designer and mobile application developer who writes in his own capacity.