Is social media a political enemy ?

Is social media  a political enemy ?

Of late, many government law makers around the globe have made efforts in a bid to control and limit the involvement and use of social media politically. They argue that the reasons for the necessity of such measures have to do with the protection of citizens and national security which would be at stake if social media is allowed to voice. The majority now question, "Is social media really a political enemy?”

I believe that social media is a tool of liberation and empowerment. I am happy that in Zimbabwe we once talked about 100% indigenization and empowerment, I quote the empowerment part. Social media gives the freedom to communicate openly and honestly, therefore this is not something to be taken for granted. Why? Because that means it has the power to radically change our world. In many primitive countries now, traditional media is being strictly controlled. That means the majority cannot freely and honestly express themselves. As a result many are left with no choice but to go social media. Who is the enemy now, social media or politics?

Governments must therefore empower citizens through these social platforms and new technologies instead of thwarting them. Contrary to my just ended point, in China, the government of President Xi Jinping has taken offensive measures against social media. Many bloggers across the country have been detained and intimidated. Micro bloggers have been threatened with three years’ jail time for posting “false” information that is viewed at least 5,000 times. Can the Chinese government accept social media’s inherent offer of liberation or empowerment? Or will the government's “management” of social media reduce it to a modern version of state-controlled media?

If i am to bring my discussion from China to Zimbabwe, then you know everything don’t you? In most curses, if social media is used to politically blackmail, subdue overthrow etc. it is not social media to blame, is it?


I do not know your point of view just told you mine, what do you think ?