Is free web hosting in Zimbabwe a good idea?

Is free web hosting in Zimbabwe a good idea?

It is relatively easy to quickly say "Yes, free web hosting in Zimbabwe is a good idea" or rather to say "No, free web hosting is not a good idea in Zimbabwe", but factually, Is it or Is it not? Before, I quickly throw opinions and facts around this, you may want to know of the currently available free web hosting in Zimbabwe offer by FWH (Free Webhosting Zimbabwe). What would be the point of even discussing this if there are no free web hosting offers available in Zimbabwe anyway?

FWH offers free web hosting to Zimbabwe for both individuals and perhaps small business at no cost. Yes, at zero cost. If you are to setup a website with free webhosting Zimbabwe, the only cost you would have to incur for a basic website is domain registration which is competitively cheaper compared to other local registrars like NAME. For website development, you are also free to use your own developer or perhaps do it yourself using content management tools like Wordpress. The cost of domain registration with FWH is $8 per year payable through ecocash which compares even better than competitors like NAME which is pricing at $9.99 per year.

The following are the attributes of FWH's free web hosting package:

  • 1 GB Disk space
  • 5 GB Bandwidth
  • 1 SQL Database 
  • 5 Email addresses
  • A free SSL Certificate

Coming back to the core title: Is free web hosting in Zimbabwe a good idea?

For the sake of a variety of people who are going to seek knowlege from this article, my answer is yes and no.

Reasons free web hosting is a good idea

Good for experimental digital presence- Free web hosting can be so good in Zimbabwe for experimental projects, can be experimental digital websites. One would not want to spend thousands or perhaps more on projects that may eventually fail. For companies, individuals and businesses that require an assessment of whether digital presence works for them or not, free web hosting is advantageous.
Does not cost a dime-Certainly, this is an obvious advantage of free web hosting, it does not cost anything. We are in a time where the cost of both products and services is very expensive in Zimbabwe such that some individuals and business may be crumpled by premium hosting.
suitable for individuals, small businesses and projects-Free web hosting is very suitable for individuals and small business who are usually operating on a tight budget. Many avoid digital marketing just to dodge the costs, but free web hosting services help to reduce the costs.

Reasons free webhosting is not a good idea

May not give a good impression- Free web hosting may not give a good impression especially for profit making projects and businesses. If one's goal is to make profit, then impression really matters. That means for premium blogs and websites, one may have to go for premium web hosting.
Lacks customer support- The other disadvantage of free web hosting is that it lacks technical support for the customer, if there is any support, it will be for small issues, otherwise the website owner will be forced to solve technical problems in his/her own capacity. Now, that means for bigger challenges, even downtime will be longer and you are to blame. If you lack technical skills in server and systems administration, then go for premium hosting.
Limited bandwidth-There is limited bandwidth, that means with more and more vistors, your website may come to a stand still. All most all premium web hosting companies gives unlimited bandwidth these days. Its not only bandwidth that is limited but also emails, space and database. All this must be considered before going for free web hosting.
Website owner carries all the burden-Yes, because there is no customer support, it means you carry the burden as the website owner. This takes time and may sup all your energy should problems arise.
May be difficult to scale up-If the free website hosting comes with no support, it may be difficult to scale and move to premium hosting. With more features and upgrades you may want a hosting which provides more databases and emails. However FWH (Free Web Hosting Zimbabwe) has a parent company which offers the same services on premium bases, that means upgrading will easier and perhaps quicker.
Free may not be free- Some times free may not always be free, there are always hidden costs and limitations. From time to time you will request a service from that same provider and you are told to pay for it. What about cost of delays, what about costs of downtime? You need to consider all this.

So, Is free website hosting in Zimbabwe a good idea? I still say yes and no. From the reasons given above you can see if it is a good idea in your case or not.


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