Is Facebook's plan to integrate Whatsapp, Instagram and Messenger a good idea?

Is Facebook's plan to integrate Whatsapp, Instagram and Messenger a good idea?
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Perhaps you did not know that Facebook, the social media giant announced its plan to integrate Whatsapp, Instagram and Messenger. Facebook plans to integrate the three social media platforms platforms to allow cross messaging which is not currently possible since each of the three applications is operating as standalone applications. Basically, they were competing products. The new feature means that one who is on Instagram will be able to sent a message to one on Whatsapp but not on Instagram. Like me, perhaps you are already pondering "Is this a good idea."

According to Facebook, the processes and work of merging the three already began, but said it was a long process. So the expectation is that the work will be complete by the end of 2019. Now let me share a few points to us conclude whether the move is a good idea or not. We need to first agree here that good is very subjective, so depending on the subject in question, well it can be good or bad, but here we are looking at whether it is a good idea to users and to Facebook itself.

Is merging good for Facebook, Users and Businesses? What does it entail anyway?

This could be a good idea and advantageous to Facebook in that Merging entails that will be shared data, meaning that data from all the three platforms can be used to accurately display ads according to usage pattern of user as gathered from the three apps.This is very useful not just to Facebook but also to businesses that advertise through Facebook. Every dollar spend on advertisement may meaningfully count if ads are accurate. I have seen that currently some ads on Facebook are so wasted. At the moment, an advert may show hudreds of thousands of impressions but very few interactions and very low engagement.

Again to businesses the other advantage of integrating the three into a messaging powerhouse is that, support can be made quick, simpler and effective. There are businesses and individuals doing businesses on all the three platforms, and the problem posed by them being separate in infrastructure is that they have to handle businesses queries, enquiries and transactions separately which takes time, labour and resources like data. Joining the three simplifies this and for many companies there will be no need of having different indivuals to manage each of the three platforms, one may manage.

Another advantages is that, if the merging is successfully done, their job is simplified in general. While the platforms were operating separately, they were like competitors, meaning Facebook had to work on upgrading and adding features for each platform to competitively beat the other. Imagine the labour, imagine the effort and the time, imagine the cost and yet the same feature would get acutely different results when deployed. So if the idea of presenting the platforms as competitors is eliminated, then Facebook can concentrate on value addition as opposed to mere feature addition.

Let us look at the implication security wise. Some of the platforms in question are currently different in infrastracture, for example Whatsapp operates clearly different from Instagram. Now, joining the three in Infrastructure may pose a security risk in trying to make the three consistent especially during the early days of deployment if the plan makes it there. Like they said, it can be a long process for the system to be secure. Again, centralizing the infrastructure of the three may mean that a security breach of one platfrom is a security breach of all, and a weakness of one platform can be a weakness of all. Doesn't sound good believe me. However, like I previously said, that merging mean that Facebook will concentrate on value, a result of undivided attention, a robust and secure system can be made. Recently a lot of security and privacy concerns were raised against Facebook, they wouldn't want this burst beyond control.

To users time can be saved as well. Imagine being on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, and Messenger, if you are active on all platfroms how long will it take to go through updates and reply chats. The answer is forever. If messaging is centrallized, you can login once and and attend to messages without having to login and off all the platforms.

In conclusion, let me say, so far it is not yet very clear how the merger will work in detail and what the experience is going to be like. This is the little that Facebook disclosed. It could work for the better or worse. If it flops, you move over to alterative platforms, Isn't it? Someone said "Never cross the bridge before you get there", we will see if the merger is a good idea or bad one smileysmiley.


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