Huawei marketing staff demoted for sending a company tweet using an iPhone

Huawei marketing staff demoted for sending a company tweet using an iPhone

The emergency of digital marketing in this age now calls for digital marketers to be equipped with not just with the professional skills but also soft skills and an eye that is able to scrutinize marketing campaigns before hitting the button. Huawei demotes marketing staff for sending a tweet using an iPhone, may be its unfair, but wait. What could have happened? What was supposed to be done?

Many companies try as much as possible these days to avoid a situation where consumers may end up thinking that the company and it's workers do not use their own products. Companies also try to avoid the slightest possibility of marketing a competitors product, but indirectly it happened with this Huawei tweet. Imagine in the times of windows based nokia, a tweet to market nokia indicates to be sent on samsung which runs android. What does it entail to a consumer? Andoid and Sumsung is the way to go, isn't it? 

Because of the fact above, it is therefore very important that digital marketers put their minds together when preparing a social media compaign to avoid such costing mishaps especially those managing high profile accounts of big companies. Huawei marketing staff were not the first to make such an error, there are many others but I am not going to talk about them today. Okay, here is a caption of the tweet.

Did you see that? Bottom right corner! Sounds simple, but it got them demoted! Consider different but similar situations. A Bakers Inn marketer sends a tweet with Proton bread on his or her table. Or consider ED recording a video, say a press release with MDC, perhaps Chamisa banners as background. In marketing, it can cost the brand. But was the decision to demote okay? Perhaps yes. In some companies you can even be fired especially if the directors suspect that you were paid to do that mistake deliberately.


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