2020 Form 1 online application website activated : Here are the steps to apply

The Government of Zimbabwe through the ministry of Primary and Secondary education has just activated it's 2020 form 1 online application platform which will allow the parents to search and secure a prospective place for their form one children in 2020.

2020 Form 1 online application website activated : Here are the steps to apply


Commenting on the platform when it was launched last year, the former Ministry of Education secretary, Sylvia Utete-Masango said the following:

“The platform is meant to minimize geographical limitations as well as simplifying the process of securing a Form One place at a boarding school of one’s choice. The electronic ministry application platform is only applicable to boarding schools, otherwise day secondary schools parents are advised to approach schools of their choice,

I personally think Masango's words hold very true for a lot of parents in Zimbabwe. It has always been a hustle looking for a form one place. Parents travel to and fro without sucess and corruption in some schools also stands at the door. Many times whether you will successfully secure a place for your child at a school depends either on who you know or who you paid. Adoption of technological methods of recruitment can really help erase some of these challenges and ease the whole process.

I hope this online application system is the beginning of more more technological adoptions by the Zimbabwe's Ministry of Education. Last year thousands of parents and students managed to secure their form one places through this platform successfully.

To apply, one needs the centre number, candidate number and the password

Click Here to Apply


Happy form 1's, see you in 2020!