Ecocash Services frequently failing leaving subscribers screwed in a crumbled economy

Ecocash Services frequently failing leaving subscribers screwed in a crumbled economy

The Bible talks about a desperate situation in Egypt when money failed. Well, we are currently in a similarly difficult situation in Zimbabwe right now, money has failed and the economy is fast crumpling. To curb money problems many have depended so much on mobile money services such as Ecocash, OneWallet and Telecash. Of the three mobile money services mentioned, Ecocash dominate the market but to add salt to the fresh wound Ecocash has been up and down beginning a week or two ago.

According to government reports, over 90% of transactions in Zimbabwe at the moment are done through mobile money in which Ecocash is a bigger player as it dominates that market. The problems that the platform  is posing to their subscribers who are both individuals and businesses is detrimental to the business community. Sometimes your transaction can go through, for example, to pay a merchant or buy airtime or data. However, you or the merchant may not get a notification that you have actually paid or worse be told that your payment did not go through.The EcoCash app is not working completely. Most problems have been coming from the app in general.

I noticed again today around 3:20pm when I was about to make a transaction, that the platform could not be accessed. The message I got was that "the service is not availbale". This time for whatever reason, Ecocash did not sent a message ahead of the disturbance as they do sometimes, so it all came as a surprise. What could be the challenge with Ecocash platform then? Networks problems? System challenges? No answer for now but even if econet provides an explanation later, who can trust it and believe it is solved for good?

As long as there is no assurance from Ecocash that the problems their platform is experiencing are solved, it is not safe to transact. You may lose money or have to spend time visiting econet shops when your gets caught in an unknown jungle between you and the reciever.

I hope the problems will get resolved soon so that it becomes business as usual.


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