E-learning in rural schools a cumbersome mint.

E-learning in rural schools a cumbersome mint.

The conception of instigating E learning in rural schools is being taken by stakeholders at a dawdling hop. My preserve personal experiences, stemmed from being a classroom practitioner for close to 20 years in one of the deprived rural areas in Zimbabwe is a good testament. The uptake of the mutable technological worldwide trends is a setback in rural areas. This is due to nonexistence of ICT institutions in rural areas to endow the educationalists so that they are at par with their counterparts in urban areas.  From my experience, some teachers and in some cases heads of schools in rural areas are not proficient in using a simple windows 7 computer or a laptop.  This is not their fault, problem is that of exposure.

A teacher in an urban set up is at pro in view of a multiplicity of internet hubs, computer training academies, ICT widgets and limelight to modern communication pathways like emailing, twitter and Instagram, just to mention a few. The up-to-minute communication modes allied to efficient internet services are mostly realised in urban areas. Left with nonentity as option, the rural teacher capitulates to defeat and surrender this modernisation of instruction to the urban teachers. But here is the challenge: The implementation of the revised version of curriculum is candidly linked to modern trends, modern thinking, modern teaching, high-tech communication etc.

What will the rural teacher do? What will be the stature of a rural school leaver? It will be a detriment for school leavers from rural schools to advance to tertiary institutions since they are going to face the reality of this E-phenomena on the first day at college. Their first encounter will be the terrifying online application, nightmare e-registration, outlandish student portal, and they will be horrendously confused by the e-library. Justly, the rural schools need to be considered and abetted so that the ground for our education system is pressed flat.

Rural teachers need to be computer literate and I entice them, even on their own detriment, to cogitate enrolling for short courses in ICT so that they progress at parity with contemporary teaching methodologies and give a remedy to this deprivation. Let us ponder and promote E- Learning in rural schools for the wholesome of all learners irrespective of area.

By Shumba Trainos: Schoolhead Mketi Secondary School: E-learning Promoter

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