Dream Big and Dream Right

Dream Big and Dream Right
This guest article may not be tech, but we thought it could help!

Whenever I look at the world, I am always at amazed at how much Man can dream and bring the dreams to pass. Everything that surround us and every man-made thing that we see are a testimony of how mankind can dream big and dream right. When you ponder over it you may also be left with questions. This article talks about dreaming big and dreaming right.
Is there anyone who is alive who does not have dreams? 
Is there a dream which is too big or too small? 
Who classifies a dream as too small or too big?

Well I do not seek to answer these questions in this article. Rather I aim to talk about how to dream big and to dream right.

Dreams an integral part of mankind

The ability to dream is an integral part of what defines us as human kind. We are what we are and where we are because everyday we dream of something and work towards it. I would like to believe that the greatest asset that God bestowed on us is the ability to dream.

Imagine what the world would be like if we did not dream?
It would be a crazy world right?
The answer is definitely “Yes.”
As I am writing this article right now, I am using a laptop which was surely someone’s dream which was worked on to come to pass.
That’s not all!

The world is a better world today and continues to improve because there are people who dream and follow their dreams to see them come to pass.

No dream is a crazy dream

When you start to dream big and to dream right you should not expect everyone to understand you. You should always remember that it is not always easy to make people see your dream or vision in the same light that you see it.

Here is the deal!
When you follow your dream and make it come to pass, even those who did not agree with you will come along.
Every wonderful man-made thing that we see today was once someone’s dream. Some of the dreams must have been labelled as crazy dreams. Imagine what the reaction was when these people shared their dreams with their first audience:

  • Neil Armstrong – When he said that he wanted to go to the moon or;
  • Antonio Meucci and Alexander Graham Bell when they separately said that they were going to build a device that transmits voice over wire connections between distant places called a telephone or;
  • Guglielmo Marconi – When he said he was going to invent a device that can transmit sound over wireless connections (the radio) or;
  • The Wright brothers – When they said that they were going to build something that can fly (airplane)?

These are but a few examples.

If you search on the internet for people who were once thought to be crazy who were later proven to be right, you will be surprised.
We all dream. What we just need to is to learn to dream big and dream right.
If we were all born dreaming what then makes some of us stop or what makes others afraid to dream?
Good question there. Let’s see!

Role of environment dream nurturing

As you grow up, the environment you grow up in plays a significant role in the direction that your dreams take. The things that you grow up being exposed to has an impact on your way of thinking and the things that you think are possible or impossible. 
When we talk about the environment we are also talking about the people who surround you. According to psychology a child’s mind is born as a blank slate, without any data in it, referred to in Latin as a Tabula Rasa and then it starts to accumulate data and data processing rules as the child grows. What you are told, taught or exposed to as you grow up therefore shapes your dreams.

When I was growing up in the rural areas, when I saw an airplane passing over me, my dream was to one day board it. That was how far my dream could go. I did not dream of piloting one or owning one. Then as I grew and my environment changed, I starting dreaming of being a pilot. 
That was development and shift in my dreams, right?
I am smiling right now as I write because my dream has even been further modified. I now dream of owning my own private jet and taking flying lessons.
Why not? I am working towards it and so can you towards your dream.
Well I am sure you can already concur with me that dreaming big is relative. What seems big to one person in one set up may not be a big dream to another. However, that should not stop you to dream big and dream right.

Dream your own big dream!

One of the primary reasons that we have built 7 Wonders Market is to help skilled young people in Zimbabwe and Africa at large to dream big and dream right.
We exist to help them build sustainable and successful businesses and to help build them into successful professional business people. You can read more about the initiative on 7 Wonders Market website.


By Jonathan Chihoko
Founding Managing Director, 7 Wonders

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