Digital Literacy Is The Panacea

Digital Literacy Is The Panacea

One major setback to under-performance, utilisation and uptake of ICTs is lack of digital literacy. In as much as other things contribute, the major impediment is lack of computer skills and the phobia that comes with. When we have users failing to distinguish computer terminology, its applications and how to manoeuvre around digital gadgets then we need to start from there in demystifying that.

The moment some people hear of ICT their minds are intuitionally drawn to laptops and desktops, not knowing that the smartphones they use every day fall in the scheme of ICTs. With better knowledge and acquisition of digital literacy, people are bound to put their digital gadgets to better use. Gadgets are under used because the proprietors of such do not have the know-how of fully exploiting them.

Figure out a front office employee who does not have full computer literacy, a school teacher who is guiding 21st century learners,  CEO with a blue chip company, just to name a few. All these and more who are digitally incapacitated are a major hindrance and drawback to their institutions’ success. Corporate need to invest more on digital skills for their human capital in order to harness more and to be in sync with modern trends of doing business. One contentious issue and worth debating is, do we really need an IT Department with more than a dozen employees where you will find some helping out on Word Processing, Folder Management Wi-Fi connection and such other trivialities?

With the advancement of technology every company, social organisation and public sector should strive to have digital skills. One beauty about technology is that you have to shape in or it just have a way of shaping out. One need to continuously upgrade ones’ self to continue to be relevant. Conscious of the dictates of industry, almost every tertiary study has a component of ICT in it. Every time one goes through job adverts, two things stand erect: Computer Literacy and email your resume. It is prerogative for a job-seeker, an entrepreneur, man of cloth, the socialite and everyone worth their salt need to be digitally literate.

As the adage goes, catch them young. There is great need to have a capacity building of ICT skills imparted to the young minds at an early age. Kindergarten establishments should move away from luring prospective parents by simple having an inscription on their brochures: We offer computer lessons. They need to have a proper set up that allows for the learners to intercourse with gadgets and acquire skills which will be developed as they grow.

All pointers are showing that ICTs are indispensable and the shrewd are capitalising on it to maximise their profits and relevance in the 21st century and beyond. Digital literacy is the panacea for efficiency, accountability and productivity.