Dear Econet, Telecel and NetOne, Zimbabwe expects a better 2018 from you. Stop fighting for supremacy !

Dear Econet, Telecel and NetOne, Zimbabwe expects a better 2018 from you. Stop fighting for supremacy !

As competition for a lion's share, trust and usage among Zimbabwe's 3 major network providers, Econet, Telecel and NetOne continues, the majority keep calling for better services. 2017 was a year full of disappointments for most subscribers as their battle for supremacy continues to escalate, but should they take note of the following, 2018 will become a better year for Zimbabwe's mobile users.

The following areas need to be noted by network and internet service providers for better services delivery in 2018

Network coverage

Network coverage is so important for all mobile subscribers. So our network providers are expected to consider expanding their coverage even to remote areas. Some remote areas have no network coverage for one or all of these major mobile service providers. More Boosters (Base Stations) should therefore be installed to meet the demand both in rural areas and in towns and cities. The population of people in urban areas has been increasing. It is therefore unwise to rely on the same number of boosters (Base Stations) to serve such growing populations. In rural areas the number of mobile users has been increasing. The use of the mobile phone for either communications mobile financial transactions has increased in rural areas. Wider coverage therefore means that noone is left out or inconvinienced.

NetOne Coverage

NetOne Coverage Map



Network connection strength

The network signal strength must also be attended to. It is not just about getting connected but the strength of connection matters. We have been experiencing poor signal strenghth in 2017 which inconvienced us in our activities. When customers subscribe for a service, they expect to enjoy the value of their money. With poor signal strength, one can barely do anything, try to load a page, it cannot, try to search, it cannot and yet the "cost clock" will be ticking and before you know it, you have to subscribe again. This must stop in 2018. The sad part is that, nomatter the number of interuptions, there won't be any refund, or extension.

Internet Speed

It appears that faster experiences are found in towns, but in remote areas the internet and network speeds are generally slow. Measures must be taken in 2018 to ensure that customes enjoy high connection speeds. There is no need to have differentiated service because those experiencing week and slow signals are paying the same amount, so do not dissapoint them.

Voice and Data costs and affordability

 Voice and Data costs are lower in other countries such as South Africa. We appeal to you, to do the same for the Zimbabweans, reduce the voice and data costs. You will be more successful if you serve us than if you try to punish us by wild and unrealistic voice and data costs. More customers will actively subscribe if these becomes more affordable in terms of costs. What you are calling "promotions"  here in Zimbabweans, is normal charges in other coutries, so please step up in 2018.

Reliability of Services

The services must also be more reliable. Ccustomes cannot afford to lose business deals because of unreliable services. One subscribes to night bundles, and then spends the whole night failing to even connect. One tries to use mobile money services and then disscovers that there i no service etc. We should come to a point where we can depend on you. Serve us well and make 2018 better.

Better Customer Services

Customer services should be also be improved in terms of response time and service delivery. I have heard countless complains about customers requesting for assistance for a long period without proper response or assistance. To those who call on customer service numbers the waiting period is just too long.

I may not be able to exhaust the list, but should the above issues be addressed, 2018 will offer a better experience to Zimbabwe's mobile users.