Dangers of Social media flirting for both men and women in Zimbabwe

Dangers of Social media flirting for both men and women in Zimbabwe
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One of the major social media swallow holes that both men and women, the young and the old have fallen into in Zimbabwe is social media flirting. By definition, to flirt is to playfully behave as though one is sexually attracted  to someone, yet with serious intentions. The temptations of flirting on social media may come very slowly disguised in questionable friendships, lustful behaviors and erotic exchanges. The temptation is as captivating as a python such that before one knows it, it is usually too late to circumvent.

How does One flirt on social media.

I  was very certain that someone was going to ask this question after reading the above paragraph. Well, I am not a flirting expect. But here are some of the ways people flirt on social media.
exchanging erotic messages - This is the commonest form of flirting on social media. Erotic social media messages are messages that relate or tends to arouse sexual desires, excitement or fantasies for those involved in the conversation. On social media, this happens in groups and between individuals . The message exchanges usually won't start as erotic as the ending. Before you know it, people exchange phone numbers, addresses and eventually sacred bilogical belongings. When that happens, flirting has just graduated into something even more dangerous.
exchanging erotic images and videos -  Remember flirting is behaving as though sexually attracted to someone, playfully but with serious intentions. There are people with tendencies of sharing naked or half naked pictures and videos of themselves or others to other people. Are you not one of them? What is the intention? In most cases it is a flirt gesture which seeks to turn you into erotic mode and your reaction to what you have recieved determines the next step. Some wrongly flirt back with an erotic picture or video of themseves too, or rather a sexual message. If this happens one is already hooked to the fish hook. Next is dangerous graduation!
Lustful behaviours such as erotic commends to personal pics of opposite sex, misusing romanding titles on indivuduals of opposite sex and wearing of revealing dresses (trousers includes). When one does this, some may think that you are attracted to them and even if you are not, you may fall in the trap. So mind who you call honey, sweetheart and other romandic titles. 
Sharing (Confiding ) secrets to people of opposite sex, without a relationship of any kind. May be you just think, "It does not matter", but it really does. Why would a maried man or woman share bedroom experiences of his/her marriage to a total stranger of opposite sex? As a maried man, why would I tell any other woman who is not my wife, my underwear size? Telling some secrets may literally mean one is sexually attracted to the  one he/she is telling.

So now, what are the dangers of flirting?

Marital problems and breakdowns - Yes, usually if there is a flirt in a marriage problems erupt. Unecessary arguments and fighting. When the flirt gets uncovered, a marital breakdown is usually inevitable.
Sexual Abuse- Those who flirt end up being victims of sexual abuse. Especially women and young girls. Flirting content that gets out of control on social media usual generates some life threatening scandal and blackmail. Yes they call it abuse, but who started it in the first place?
Can lead to fornication and adultery which can expose you to sicknesses and diseases above all disconecting you from God's loving presence. For a maried couple adultery can break the marriage.
Can lead to dangerous addictions - chains of sexual relationships, unquenchable sexual desires and consuotion of pornographic materal.


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