Building a personal or a school e learning library today

For along time, we have known and understood libraries as big rooms at schools or small rooms at home where a collection of books are kept for reading. We are used to library books in physical form, coming in a variety of sizes, number of pages and page thickness. But with technology fast becoming a part of our lives everywhere, eBooks are fast gaining preference over the traditional physical books. As a result E-Libraries are becoming today's libraries.

Building  a personal or a school e learning library today

So what are E-Libraries?

I will make it simple. E libraries or digital libraries as they are called sometimes are a repository of books or learning resources online or offline. Online digital libraries contain books in their databases. It is important to also appreciate that today; learning resources come in many formats: eBooks, pictures and audio. These are the most common forms that resources can be found.

Offline, e-libraries can be a collection of resources such as eBooks, accessible on technological gadget such as cell phones (smartphones), tablets and computers (laptops and desktops). In some cases the resources will be loaded on one machine (server), but accessible by everyone connected to the local network upon logging in. Sometimes, a network hard drive can be used instead.

Why Digital Libraries?

There are many reasons for a school, organization or an individual to use e-libraries today as opposed to a walled library. The first reason is that e-libraries are easier to setup as compared to a physical library. Building an e-library something that can be done overnight. Also, it is relatively cheap to build an e-library. A physical library is very costly to build. The only major requirement for one to build an e-library is books, eBooks.

Where to get Cambridge eBooks today?

The good news is that eBooks are available today, for both Cambridge and zimsec. The TechBlog team has access to these resources. We also have a team on the ground to assist you build an e-library if you wish to. For more information contact +263778 026 898 or send an email to

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