Blog contributors wanted on The TechBlog

Blog contributors wanted on The TechBlog

The TechBlog is looking for blog contributors who have either access to latest tech news and development preferably locally or who can write insightful tech articles, reviews and etc .

The following are detailed requirements

  • Must have a passion in technology
  • Must be on social media (facebook, twitter, pinterest)
  • Must have internet connection
  • Must have a personal computer preferably a laptop

I meet the above and  I am interested, What must I do now !

Now you have to register an account at the top right conner on this page. Then sent an email with a pilot article (example article). You can write on any tech topic of your choice. DO NOT COPY A WRITTEN ARTICLE FROM ELSEWHERE! In the article include your contact details. Send the email with the article to or mwakandiedzac(at)

Guest Articles are also welcome.