After reaching 20 000+ followers on social media, here are lessons learnt

After reaching 20 000+ followers on social media, here are lessons learnt

I used to think that the secret of digital marketing success was in the success on social media. As a result I and The TechBlog team worked so hard for the past year after launching this platform. While that surely paid in terms of traffic and brand awareness, here are the lessons we learnt after reaching more than 20 000 followers on social media in less than one year. The reason we decided to share this was to give back to the community and some of the brands that helped us so far. Here are the lessons we learnt:

Consistentacy is key

The first thing we learnt and you should learn too is that consistency is the key. We came across a lot of closure threatening challenges but we consistently continued in all efforts. I once shared that many startups close in the first 6 month to 2 years, well that is true. We are not 2 years yet but we surpassed the 6 months challenge by being cosistent nomater what. There are times you may need to do your core business, in our case: content research, marketing and sharing, with or without motivation. In this business or field of blogging, one is motivated to see numbers reading, sharing or liking what he/she posts. Unfortunately it is not the case always. In our case it was not the case either especially the first few months.

Content Is King

Sure, content is king. When we say content is king, we are talking about content quality also called killer content. Killer content is king because it is able to do four things. The first think that killer content does is that it is good for search engine optimizations (SEO). As a result it can be search without challenges on search engines because it is perhaps undublicated hence perfoms better on search engines. The second thing is that killer content is able to bring engagement. Once a person start reading a killer article, they become so engaged, so much that they complete reading the whole article and perhaps share it to friends on social media. The third thing killer content does, it generate leads and sales. Well on this blog we do not sell anything at the moment, but let me say quality content is able to convince a reader to take action such as signing up and subscribing for the newsletter. The last thing, killer content brings more traffic. We used not to track these issues. But after realizing that each time we posted, different results were achieved, we began to pay closer attention to content. We are not there yet. But we are trying. For more on online content, read this article on how to take full advantage of websites.

Implement SEO strategies

Well, we can not perhaps share all possible seo strategies in this article. But this is a big lesson learnt. Some of our bloggers are not seo experts. So we later discovered that there was so much need to ensure that we implement consistent seo strategies for the site to perfom better and these are technical seo, content seo, on-site seo and off-site seo. Technical seo has to do with how well your site content can be crawled and indexed by search engine. Content seo has to do with the extent to which your content answers what people are looking for relative to that area, in our case technology. On-site seo pertains to content optimization and html and offsite seo has to do with building favour with external influence, google and other bloggers that also include link building. We are still working on this and we are doing good so far.

It takes time

Many books online and many articles talk about building thousands of followers and traffic in 7 days and sometimes in a few months. Trust me, sometimes it takes time and that is the case mostly. If you think it is easy you usually become lazy. But understanding that it takes time makes you to be a hardworker.

Connect With Real People

Social media is good but in addition to having thousands of followers you also need to connect with real people. It took us time as a blog to realize this. We are however now connected to a couple of resourcesful people who have knowlege in seo, digital marketing and content creation. Such people can help to motivate you as a team as well as giving mentorship. It takes time to build relationships. Politely ask for advice from those that are doing better. Share and comment on content they write as well. Follow them on social media. One day they will give you attention.

Build Mailing list

I have seen that mailing lists are better than social media in terms of response and perfomance. So it is far much better to build mailing lists than social media. The best is to do both. So do everything you can to make people subscribe to your mailing list. By giving valuable content and giving offers. We have not done it all as a blog, but we are doing well, we now have a couple of thousands of subscribers.

Provide Value

The other lesson we learnt this year is the lesson of providing valuable content. We discovered that valuable content in our case is content that answers questions that people may have on technology in Zimbabwe, content that answers queries that people are searching for on search engines about technology in Zimbabwe. When we started we wrote about anything technology, news, articles insights etc. About a month ago, we started to narrow down, focussing on what matters, what helps people. So far we discovered that there are few technology blogs in Zimbabwe, and of those blogs non is providing insights on how to do and accomplish something. Most of these blogs while they are really doing a great work in a country where blogging was a mystery , are foccussing on technology events and news mainly dominated by telecoms companies, econet, telecel, netone and telone. They are focussing on trends. We chose to provide information that help people with innovative minds to ignite trends. Whatever you do, make sure it is valuable to the people you are serving.

Post Regularly

We also learnt to post regularly. When we started, it was myself doing all the posting then and with other commitments, I could post once or twice a month. Because of that there was no improvement in traffic and engagement whatsoever. Then after building a team we commited to posting at least once a week. We noticed quite an improvement. Then letter we committed ourselves to posting three to four times a week and the site started to grow and attract attension online. Now we are planning on posting at least an article per day. It is better to publish average articles regularly than to publish a killer article once in a blue moon. In your lunguage perhaps I can say, it is better to do an average good work oftenly than to do a very wonderful job once in many years

Enjoy what you are doing

You need to enjoy what you are doing, otherwise criticism and lack of notable progress will pull you down before you know it. On this blog, we really love what we are doing. We enjoy blogging, we enjoy helping, we enjoy researching and sharing information.

Set Digital Goals

Without setting some clear-cut goals, you will not be able to measure whether you are making progress or not. We had goals in 2018. We thank God that we fulfilled those goals.If you do the same, your goals in 2019 will be fulfilled.


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