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The Techblog is an online technology focused platform where people can freely share technology news, articles and technology trends in Zimbabwe, Africa and the World at large. Keep a step ahead technologically by frequently getting current, updated and accurate technology news and updates from The Techblog.

The TechBlog Mandate

The TechBlog aims to add a technological voice in Zimbabwe and the world at large by providing accurate and up to date technology and business news. We also strive to provide our users with insightful technology articles and reviews which we feel are of undebatable importancy to our valued readers. We aim to help our users to stay technologically informed.

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The TechBlog is for everyone who wishes to stay technologically and accurately informed. The TechBlog is also for everyone who wishes to add a voice by contributing with Technology news and articles.

Contributing with technology news and articles on The TechBlog 

To contribute by writing technology news and articles on The TechBlog, you first need to register by clicking the register button above, then send us a message clarifying how you intend to contribute. Then you will be asked to write us two pilot artiles, which our team is going to review. Then you can start contributing.

How can I stay informed about technology news on The TechBlog ?

To stay updated on Technology news and aticles, like our Facebook page . You can also subscribe by sending us your email below on the footer of this page. Your email will not be published and will not be used for promotional purposes.


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