A new Zimbabwean e learning platform, ZIMSAKE elearning, to be launched

A new Zimbabwean e learning platform, ZIMSAKE elearning, to be launched
source: ZIMSAKE elearning

Happy to be the first to perhaps share the sentiments of the scheduled Launch of a new e-learning platform, probably similar to Ruzivo digital learning but with even more services to elearners across Zimbabwe.  It seems that a lot of elearning progress is being witnessed in Zimbabwe this year. We previously saw how ZIMSEC for the first time launched an online portal to access results online and this helped thousands of Zimbabwean learners. Here are the services to be provided by ZIMSAKE elearning website according to the information we recieved.

ZIMSEC online learning resources

For a long time there was a big gape in as far as providing  ZIMSEC online learning resources was concerned and the situation was worsened by the introduction of the famous ZIMSEC new curriculum which has very few books available. But the ZIMSAKE elearning website promises  online resources which fits well in the new curriculum from the greatest ZIMSEC authors and content creators across Zimbabwe. On ZIMSAKE elearning website, there is going to be both free resources and paid resources. The reason for the paid resources is said to be to cover for cost incurred in coming up with the ebooks, which are basically going to be in pdf and powerpoint format. ZIMSAKE will also offer video resources which gives students a class setup experience to learning.

Online Assignments to students

It sounds very noble that after giving lessons on the website in video,presentation or file format, students should be given assignments and exercises to test their understanding. This is what ZIMSAKE also promises to offer to elearners in Zimbabwe. Students will have the opportunity to take per chapter or topic exercise which are marked instantly by the system.

Online Revision and Practise Examinations

ZIMSAKE elearning will also offer students the opportunity to attempt online revision and practise examinations with questions seeking understanding of concepts and topics in various subjects as demanded by the ZIMSEC curriculum and subject syllabus. There is going to be both free and paid exams also to cover for the time or resources taken by authors and content creators to preapare for a meaningful examination.

The examination on ZIMSAKE will give the students a typical exam setup, where the students cannot move away from the browser window during the exam. Each examination also has a time on the wall, so if the full paper given by ZIMSEC is 2 hours, a student will also sit for it for 2 hours on ZIMSAKE website


For now, this is all we have. More information on how to join or to create account as well as intructions on how to use the website will be published when its finally online, on or before Valentines Day of 2019. So subscribe to recieve the notifications.


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