A few tips on how you can save your ICT equipment from lightning damage

A few tips on how you can save your ICT equipment from lightning damage

Okay. So as I write this article we are in the rain season and in this season, cases of lightning damage are inevitable. The cost of lightning damage can be loss of life, injury, damage and loss of properties. The size of damage can be very big depending on the magnitude of the lightning. Farmers suffer, industries suffer and IT personal are not spared either from lightning damage if proper preventive and precaution measures are not taken against lightning disaster. The cost can be so big in monetary value. So here are a few tips that IT personel and perhaps others too can use to alleviate damage of ICT equipment by lightning in the rain season.

Have a Lightning Alert Radio

This is a device that can help one to detect lightning well in advance so that one can take precaution measures such as diconnecting or switching off the device for the duration of the lightning. So, using such a device mean that you will not be caught unaware. Saving for such a device is therefore great wisdom as this saves from possible damage which cost thousands.

 Use a UPS/surge protector

The other useful way of protecting your ICT devices from lighting damage is using UPS and surge protectors to power your ICT devices as opposed to power socket to device connections. Surge protectors and UPS have the ability to handle unforeseen power overloading better than your other devices. It is therefore recommended that as an ICT gadget owner, if the gadget requires power, then use surge protectors wherever possible.

Calculate UPS/surge protector capacity properly

Before you use surger protectors and UPS, make sure to properly calculate its capacity in terms of output and supported devices. Remember that there are some ICT devices/equipment whose components and microprocessors are affected by the slightest over supply of power.

Protect Network links, including cables

Netowork cables and network links need to be protected on both ends. Many make the mistake of protecting one end perhaps the input side. But you need to protect both input and output points as this ensures maximum possible protection.


Test power supplies

It happens that you may think the power being supplied is the correct amount, perhaps basing on assumptions and lables. But to rest assured, it is far much better to test. Be sure the output of the power supplies is the correct demanded by you device.

Install an external lightning protection system (LPS)

You may also need to install an external lightning protection system in order to achieve direct strike protection of the building which houses your ICT equpment and this is very simple to do. Some locations are very prone to lightning strikes hence making this external protection system very necessary.

Other Handy tips

The are other handy tips that people may not take serious or see as impotant but these can also be useful. Just that sometimes you will not see the impotance of prevention before the damage or loss. Those who suffered a loss of ICT equipment at some point in time like me actually regreted having failed to implement some of these handy tips. Some of the handy tips include:

Switching off devices at night- Unless if you host publicly accessible staff on severs and computer you need to switch devices off at night especially during the rain season. Many times at night fall there wont be a sign of rain but at night you may be suprised when it start to rain and thunder.

Switching off at the first slightest sign of lightning-Very few can do this. Let me confess that I even find it difficult to do too. You need to switch off your routers modems, data converters and other important ICT gadgets at the first slightest lightning sound or strike.

Wait for at least 30 minutes before powering your gadgets again after a lightning strike. Do not power your devices instantly after a lightning strike. Many times you think it is over when it is just the beginning.


I hope that the tips are helpful to some and perhaps all of you. Please do not forget to subscribe below !