7 interesting uses of the web and internet technology in Zimbabwe 2018

7 interesting uses of the web and internet technology in Zimbabwe 2018

We just approached the year end and it sounds very noble to look back and share some of the interesting uses of the web and internet technology in 2018. More and more Zimbabweans have joined the internet one way or the other in 2018. The question to be answered is what are the majority of Zimbabweans using the internet for? Here are some of the things that most Zimbabweans have been using the internet in 2018!

Social networking

This is one of the most common uses of the internet by most Zimbabweans in 2018. Social networking is the use of social websites and applications by people of similar interests just to interact with each other. Several platforms are being used for social networking in Zimbabwean with Facebook, Whatsapp and twitter topping the list. Zimbabweans who interact with each other through these social platforms do not necessary need to agree in principals and ideologies, sometimes their differences are what bind them together. The platforms are also promoting positive relationships beyond blood ties.


Due to the high influx of people on the social networking platforms that I just mentioned, product sellers have taken the chance to market their products and we have seen it happening in 2018. Most of these platforms allow for the placing of ads in video, text or picture and Zimbabwean businesses have taken advantage of this. Barely do you go on twitter, Facebook and linked in and fail to see these ads. Advertising has also taken the form of classified websites and this takes me to my next point.

Buying and Selling

Classified websites together with social media have eased the way Zimbabweans do their online buying and selling. Major classified platforms are ownai.co.zw and classified.co.zw. These platforms work quiet similar and  the thousands of ads in their databases testify that Zimbabweans are not having a challenge in using them and that the websites are working for them. Of much interest to me was the TECHZIM Marketplace launched around August this year. The platform sells mainly tech and digital products which Techzim approves to their readers so there is some kind of trust. The mentioned platforms are not the only ones, there are more, I cannot exhaust them.

I recommend online buying and selling. To sellers the billboard and road show advertising and selling system do not work online. Buyers are no longer in the streets but rather online and if you want to make a sale, go online. To buyers if you want convenience buy online from the comfort of your home anytime and from anywhere!

Online Start-ups & Internet Businesses

2018 has seen the emergence of some of the most promising start-ups in ecommerce, Finance, E-learning and technology. On this blog we have written some articles about one of the most promising start-up called Fundolinker, a student support platform through which primary and secondary schools, tertiary institutions, companies, skilled people and crowd donors are able to work together to provide career guidance, financial help, information and jobs to students. For more of these start-ups you can also check on TechZim, it has several of them.


A blog is a website where content (articles, videos, opinions, news, analysis) is posted on a regular basis. The process of posting the content is what is called blogging. So right now, I am blogging on The TechBlog. To some blogging is business, to others it  is a passion and a form of entertainment. Many blogs came to the surface in 2018, adding to the already existing ones. We have pioneer technology blogs like TechZim and Technomag which have since gone corporate. I know another technology blog called Eyetrodigital which I think is doing very well. By the way, I used think that there are too many technology blogs in Zimbabwe. I was wrong; on the contrary, technology blogs in Zimbabwe are too few.

There are other blogs besides tech blogs: Fashion blogs, Food blogs, travel blogs and personal blogs, I will try to compile the whole list sometime in another article. This year saw the closing of Zimbabwean biggest blogs on gender and women issues called Herzimbabwe blog. I personally wish to see more women joining to keep blogging balanced.

Online News Sharing & Following

Of cause this can be one of the most obvious uses of the internet in 2018 in Zimbabwe. People have news, they have something to say about something and because many Zimbabweans are online, a lot of media companies and individuals alike go online to share the news. These days being present online is as easy as one...two....three, as a result a lot of fake news are being shared too. We ended 2017 with the end of Mugabe rule, and news about this crossed over to 2018. Emerson Mnangagwa took over as provisional president while waiting for the elections in July 2018. Main opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai died, placing the struggle in the hands of the energetic Chamisa.  There were a lot of stories to tell before and after the elections which saw President Mnangagwa in Office. All top stories were cantered on the issues mentioned. In Zimbabwe, politics is the stable food of most Zimbabweans and all media companies. Political usages of the web and the internet were both positive and negative and this takes me to my last point.

Political Uses

Many used the platform to complain and win the hearts of the people before the elections. This was done through social media and dedicated websites. Some took the opportunity to spread propaganda all in a bid to get political mileage. There were also positive political usages such as voter education, voters roll checking.

I cannot say, I exhausted everything, but I believe I have covered most of the issues. If you have suggestions or additions, come through.