21st Century Grade One Orientation Presentation

21st Century Grade One Orientation Presentation

In this cut throat competition for one to emerge as the destination of choice for the envied accolade, “elite school” one needs to devise methods and employ antics that leave the prospective clients wowed. Wise Owl Primary did just that and more to earn themselves the hearts of the parents and getting entrusted to act in loco-parentis for the young minds. The top-billed class of 2019 Grade One Orientation, which deviated from the traditional way of undertaking such events was a huge success. It was less talk and in-keeping with the Directors’ mantra, ‘The Anointing Is in the Doing”, it was all watch and learn.

The event began with the class of 2018 giving a mouth-watering presentation on song, dance, drama and poetry portraying how they have been nurtured throughout the year. Bringing in the prospective learners for 2019 would have been an icing on the cake as the little ones would have been exposed to what is to come as they embark on their primary school educational journey. It would also have been an early induction for the kids as they get involved in decision making early in their lives.

The most unique part of the presentation was the aptly called The Gallery Walk. The parents would be taken through the display stations for the various departments at the school manned by the professionals in the various disciplines. Here there was not only leap service but display of the various tools of each trade and demonstration of some of the functionalities. Below are some of the departments on the gallery walk.

The Sports Department: Manned by the Sports Director Mr. T Gowe. He ran the parents through the various sporting disciplines offered by the institution. These are but not limited to Basketball, Soccer, Netball, Cricket, Swimming, Rugby, Volleyball, Athletics, Hockey, Tennis and also explaining on the state of the art Lesmac Gymnasium stationed at the school. On display were some of the sports equipment used such as Cricket bats, Helmets, Balls for: Soccer, Rugby, Cricket, Netball, Volleyball and some of the sports attire for the plethora of sporting disciplines offered at the school. He summed it up by giving a short brief of some of the competitions the learners will be exposed to in their various learning levels.

The Culture/Music and Clubs Department: manned by Mr. Muzanenhamo and Mr. Zaranyika. They explained on the various club activities at the school such as The Home Economics, Chess, Taekwondo, Science, Darts, Library etc. Mr. Zaranyika took time to expound on the music department and how they groom learners vocally, this has been boosted by their success story of Spiwe Ndebele who has just debuted her music and is a product of Wise Owl Music Department. On display were Pianos, Guitars, Mbiras, Cultural Artefacts, Home Economics Untensils, Dart Sets and a whole lot more.

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Department: Manned by Mr. Dhihwa and Mr. Nyamandi (affectionately called Sir Tino). They ran the parents through the four main interactive lessons run by the department, these are: The Reading Eggs program, The Elearner Program, The Level Up Village Program and the Teaching of Basic ICTs. The Reading Eggs program is an online reading program for mostly but not limited to infants department. The Elearner Program, e-Learner is a benchmarked product which equips candidates with a solid foundation for progressing onto further ICT qualifications. It is a certified, modular course of progressive ICT skills. Parents really liked this one as their kids will be issued with certificates at each stage of their learning. The Level Up Village Program is a collaborative learning program that seeks to develop global citizens amongst learners. Here the learners are partnered with a USA School and embark on various ICT Projects. The current classes are on Global Inventors: Designing  3D Solar Lamp Holder and The Global Water: Discovers, experimenting on water purification and conservation. Apex of the display was the 3D Printer which wowed the parents as for some it was their first time to see such an ICT gadget. The 3D Printer is a unique entity and Wise Owl boast as one of the few elite schools which possess such a gem. This is used to print 3D objects and the current class of Level Up Village learners are going to use it to print their solar lamp holder. Display were various types of laptops and projectors used by the classroom teachers for their day to day work, The 3D printer and the parents were given a demo of how the Reading Eggs program work.

The Cambridge Curriculum Program: Manned by Mrs. Rushwaya and Mrs. Janhi. In sync with the dictates of globalization of education that seek to eradicate boundaries in learning, the school is on a serious drive to have their first primary school Cambridge Examination at the school in 2019 and to make the whole school full Cambridge compliant. Parents were guided through the Cambridge Curriculum from Stage one to Stage 6. Parents who passed through paid particular attention as they were told of the concepts to be covered by the learners , more particularly the Science learning area where kids get exposed to experiments and practical science sessions even at early stages. On display were Curriculum Outlines and sample exam papers

Hostel Department: Manned by Mr. Taruona (affectionately known as Sir Eric). He explained on the boarding facilities offered by the school, running with  a catch phrase, ‘A home away from home”

Transport Department: Manned by Mr Masango. He was explaining on the transport fleet run by the school, their various pick up and drop off zones.

The Library Department: Manned by Mr. W. White he explained to the parents on promotion of reading culture at early stage. He had on display a number of readers at the learners’ disposal. He also explained and invited the parents to pass through the School Library to have a feel of the place.

The Kitchen/Dining Hall Department: Saving the best for last and the epitome of food ministry. On display were various appetizing foods of all ranges. The parents were not only given an explanation but also a taste of their kids will have and break time, lunchtime and supper time. The staff manning the display took time to explain on the menus that are offered to the learners with their nutritional values and all.

Wise Owl school is highly applauded for taking such a cue that is trendsetting and thinking out of the box approach to education. Kudos goes to the School Directors The Makirimanis, school-head Mr.  P. Masendeke, the Deputy Head Mrs. A. Nyakuno and the whole team at Wise Owl.