10 things that must not be taken to or shared on social media

10 things that must not be taken to or shared on social media

Many people these days have fallen in the tendency of sharing everything on social media. They share even the most unthinkable things, they do not seem to ask themselves before clicking the button if they really have to share the content in the content box. They share without considering the repercussions of what they are sharing to themselves or to others. As a result it becomes a disaster they will regret but cannot reverse. While social media is a blessing in this digital age and sometimes there are no hard and fast rules to it, it is very important to observe those soft rules that enable you to be a good online citizen, who does not harm others by the content shared. Here are the 10 things that must not be taken to or shared on social media.

Pictures of the dead

Pictures of the dead must not be shared on social media especially on accident scenes and in the mortuary. Imagine seeing pictures of your relative that you left at the mortuary prior to burial on social media. I am sure the first thing is take the issue to the courts. This is not acceptable. Some people on social media have lost senses to such an extent. The other common practise here in Zimbabwe is sharing of pictures of the dead and those terribly injured on accident scenes. Again this is not a good practise. How would you feel getting the news of your accidentally deceased relative first from a whatsapp group with pictures or on facebook. This is not dignified at all. So never share such on social media and if your friend, relative or workmate is doing this, please reprimant him/her.

Disputes with a friend or relative

Another undignified practise is the taking of disputes with a friend or relative to social media. Why would one have to do this? Many times we do not even know how the disputes we may be having with a friend or relative will end. Usually there is always a proper peaceful ending. But foolishly taking the disputes to social media may ruin everything. After disagreeing in private, people curse each other in public. This is what ruins relationships and friendships because once your friend or relative who is involved in the dispute discovers that, he/she will also take it to social media and before you know it, it will be cursing after cursing. Eventually you are exposed in manners and character. So if problems and arguments arise with a friend or a relative, try to solve it privately and peacefully, without involving social media.

Pictures of someone without permission

Never you share pictures of someone without permission especially here in Zimbabwe. The owner of those pictures may sue you. So before you share someone's picture ask and let the person give you his/her permission. Sharing of someone's pictures is even more dangerous if it is in a defamatory manner. Some people on social media have the tendency of using someone's picture with a defamatory story which is not linked to the one in the picture. They just use the picture because it fits the story. This is not good.

Writing a negative post on non-public figure

Never write a negative post about someone who is not even a public figure. People who are not public figures respond sharply to negative posts, accusations and criticism shared about them on social media. Consequently, they may sue you and you will be forced to withdraw your statements and pay heavy fines, how shameful. So if you have anything against anyone, approach the person in person or go to his/her in box.

Private Coversations Without permission

Private conversations must never be taken to social media as a snapshot or in whatever form without prior agreement of both parties. It does not matter whether its for a good coversation or for a bad one. There are people who are in the habit of insulting others intensionally so that they can take the responses to social media. This is not good. That is why the court these days denies all evidence recorded in voice or video to nail someone without their knowledge. So whatever discussions happen with friends and relatives in your inbox, let it end there, never take it to social media. There are people who are in the habit of sharing private discussions of other people from facebook, twitter or whatsapp, they are not aware it can lead to disaster for them. Why trying to assasinate someone's character on social media anyway?

Anything that you do not want to be online forever

I can not say this enough, but never share anything on social media, that you do not want to be online forever. There are things that you may be tempted to share on social media because you are too happy or you are too sad or perhaps you are just unreasonable at that moment. The best thing to do is never to do that because once you hit the button you may fail to retrieve it, in a few seconds it may be shared to many people. Some have shared content that costed their fortune and they are now living in regret.

Views On Staff that Raises Controversy

There are issues that are known for raising controversy and such controversy may lead to violent behaviours, fighting and quarrelling. Never take such things to social media. You better keep your views to yourself if there is any potential of raising arguments and debates that are difficult to handle.

Pictures of Ones Nakedness

I don't know where to start on this one. We are saying you must never share content that reveal nakedness in any form; explicit videos, photos, language or text. Doing this exposes the person being shared as well as the one who shares the content. We should bear in mind that sometimes the content we share makes some of the people who care for us and love us to be so ashamed of us. Why embarassing our friends by the content we share? Your body is yours and yours alone, that is why each person has his/her own body. Such content may make people to intepret you as ill mannered.

Your Personal Details

Never share your personal information, confidential information such as address, phone numbers  and email on social media. You do not want your details to fall into the wrong hands. I explained more details about this one on an article that has 9 ways of avoid beng a cyber crime victim through social media. Cyber bullying is real, and sharing your personal details is one way you may end up a victim.

Your Personal Problems

My last point; never share your personal problems on social media. It brings no solution at all, it worsens the matter in most cases.  Even if people feel pity for you, it does not solve the problem and if you are given advice on social media, there danger in that you do not know who is giving you the advice. May be it is someone who lacks knowledge and wisdom in the areas that you need help. Better approach someone you know can help physically than trying to use social media. The other thing is that there are people who are waiting to take advantage of those who share their problems. So whartever problem you are going through, try to solve them in way that does not involve social media.

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